Trump tries to undo FDR’s rescue of UK from Fascism

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

Once upon a time, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sent Ike Eisenhower as the Supreme Allied Commander to stage D-Day at Normandy Beach along with allies and save Britain from fascism.

On Wednesday, our nazi president Donald J. Trump tried to press fascism on Britain, pissing all over the graves of the 34,137 US service personnel who lost their lives in the Battle of Normandy and northern France, fighting Nazism.

Trump on Wednesday retweeted three racist, anti-Muslim postings that had recently been put up by Jayda Fransen, deputy leader of Britain First, a Neo-Nazi organization that smears Muslims and immigrants. Fransen was convicted of “religiously aggravated harassment” for harassing British Muslims in a largely Muslim neighborhood.

Last year, a man influenced by Britain First killed British member of parliament Jo Cox for being insufficiently fascist. Her widower, Brendan, tweeted, “Trump has legitimized the far-right in his own country; now he’s trying to do it in ours.”

The ugly character of the content, combined with the equally monstrous provenance of the messages, provoked a sharp rebuke from Prime Minister Theresa May.

Trump, congenitally unable to let any criticism pass, however well deserved, then attacked the prime minister: “”Don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom.”

The Telegraph notes,

“Since 2000, there have been seven deaths per year in the UK due to terrorism – which, according to research from BuzzFeed, means you’re more likely to be killed by dogs (18 deaths per year), hot water (100 deaths per year) or using your phone while driving (2,920 deaths per year).”

Here’s another refutation of Trump. Between 2000 and 2017, 126 Britons were killed on British soil by terrorism.

But as The Telegraph says, this “compares to 1,094 deaths in the 15-year period before that, between 1985 and 1999, and a further 2,211 between 1970 and 1984.”

The terrorism produced by the troubles in Northern Ireland seems to have been 10 to 15 times worse than that of ISIL today. All lives are precious and none should be lost this way, but Trump’s impression of an emergency is incorrect.

The British House of Commons then swung into action, calling for a government condemnation of Trump. One MP urged that Trump be arrested for inciting religious violence. My man, if he could be, he’d be doing three dimes and a nickel at Sing-Sing.

And, the Netherlands prosecutors office issued a statement pointing out that Trump’s allegation that a young man who beat another on crutches was an “immigrant Muslim” is incorrect, and that the attacker, who did time, was born and raised in the Netherlands. The Dutch site Greenstijl denied the assailant is a Muslim.

Not that it should matter. That one boy acted brutally says nothing about all Muslims or all immigrants, just as the 40 million German-Americans should not be judged by the actions of Trump.

Trump also retweeted a video allegedly showing a crazed ISIL member attacking a statue of Mother Mary, likely in Syria.

There has been an enormous amount of faked video coming out of the Syrian war, so an unverified YouTube piece should not be taken very seriously. But even if the incident is correctly portrayed, it has nothing to do with Islam in general– extremists gonna be extreme. I can show you video of Christian fundamentalists burning the Qur’an.

As for Islam, there are more verses about Mother Mary in the Qur’an than in the New Testament, and all of them are full of praise. Muslims consider her the perfect woman, and some theologians, like Ibn Hazm, even argued she had that station of a prophet.

But then you’d have to, like, read a book to find this out, and I fear our Fuhrer doesn’t do much of that sort of thing.

Trump is an addled, hateful man spreading hate and harming the lives of people. The only silver lining is that he is so hated that he is discrediting Britain First and its sentiments just by associating himself with them.


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  1. He is such an arse isn’t he? He’s the only American politician I’ve heard of who could use tips on human interaction from George W Bush.

    “Trump is an addled, hateful man spreading hate and harming the lives of people. The only silver lining is that he is so hated that he is discrediting Britain First and its sentiments just by associating himself with them.”

    Hadn’t thought of that, but its likely to be true. Our unpopular PM Theresa May gets more unpopular over here every time he opens his mouth. Now he’s re-tweeting stuff from our fascist-lite loonie fringe; I’m guessing patriot militiamen groups asking about black helicopters are next…

    “The British House of Commons then swung into action, calling for a government condemnation of Trump. One MP urged that Trump be arrested for inciting religious violence. My man, if he could be, he’d be doing three dimes and a nickel at Sing-Sing.”

    That’s a lovely image; Trump sewing mail bags in black and white stripes (I know, its orange these days, but the whole administration is so retro it would feel more appropriate somehow).

    I actually strongly disagree with my government’s (and European countries in general) approach to free speech, which basically boils down to locking people up who haven’t committed any crimes beyond being offensive. I much prefer the protections of the First Amendment than hate speech laws; but should definitely have his Twitter account suspended (private company after all), if only to prevent more global diplomatic incidents like this. Not all countries are quite as keen on staying close to America as Britain after all (we are the Bulgaria to your USSR!).

    Roll on 2020.

    • “Roll on 2020”.

      Trump had an approval rating of 82% among Republicans in February of this year and it stands at 79% today.

      The truth is that most conservatives in the U.S. have been and remain enamored with the President.

      If he avoids impeachment, he will likely be re-elected.

  2. You say professor that millions of people should not be judged on what Trump says, but the truth is there are many many millions of people in the Britain and the US who absolutely believe that all Muslims are evil and they support Trump’s sentiment in this regard at least. Even ardent Trump haters believe that Muslims are to blame for everything. In the UK I am ashamed to say, anti Muslim fever is rampant. What we have to ask ourselves is: where does this anti Muslim dogma come from? Whilst Trump can certainly be blamed for some of it, by far the most blame should be laid at the door of the media both print and broadcast. As far as Muslim phobia goes, we have our own version of Trump in the UK in the guise Nigel Farage. He, like the media, never openly says all Muslims are bad etc, its always the mantra that we must get control of our boarders to stop Muslim fanatics getting in etc, and as many people believe, its was this that lost it for the Brexit remain side.

  3. With his irresponsible words and extreme action, President Trump has intensified division, hatred and violence in the United States, and now he is trying to do the same in Britain. By retweeting those “fake videos” by a far-right bigot who was appearing in court for inciting religious hatred on the same day that the president used her tweets, President Trump has provided a platform for racists, xenophobes and fascists. In fact, it seems that his blind support for the despotic Saudi prince Muhammed bin Salman is also aimed at intensifying hatred between Sunnis and Shi’ites, and he has also deepened the gulf between the Israelis and the Palestinians by appointing far-right Zionists as his ambassador and envoy for the Middle East and announcing that he wants to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Trump’s record during the past ten months has proved that not only is he not fit for the office of US president, but that in fact he poses a serious threat to international peace and security.

  4. Well stated Juan. Just for your interest I know of at least two mosques in Australia that are named for the Virgin Mary.

  5. “Once upon a time, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sent Ike Eisenhower as the Supreme Allied Commander to stage D-Day at Normandy Beach along with allies and save Britain from fascism.”
    Nice try Prof. Cole. The US sat out the war in Europe until 1943 to see which way the wind was going to blow and the fact that it was playing and profiting from both sides. It only entered the war in Europe after Stalingrad where it became obvious that the German army was in retreat, and the back of the German army was broken. US was afraid it would lose all its US owned and run businesses in Germany if the USSR was able to occupy Germany as well as the rest of North Western Europe. This was not about saving Britain but saving “capitalism”.

    • Apart from the 8th Army Air Force, advanced parties of which arrived in Britain on 23 February 1942; the Joint Chiefs of staff’s plan to invade France in early 1942 (sensibly vetoed by the British); Operation Torch (Nov. 1942) to clear the Germans from North Africa, etc., etc.

      • All true but by December 1941, the Soviets had pushed the Germans back from Moscow and by November 1942 the German army was defeated in El Alamein by Britain and her allies and encircled in Stalingrad.
        The idea the Allies were saved by the US is a common impression peddled by Hollywood but it was a joint effort and if any country has to be singled out for smashing the Nazi war machine, it would have to be the Soviets.

        • This is crackpotism. US supplied aircraft and tanks were important to even the victory at El Alamein.

          link to

          “ The Sherman tanks and self-propelled guns that U.S. Army chief of staff General George C. Marshall had promised to British prime minister Winston Churchill were finally arriving, giving Allied tankers something like parity against German panzers. Overhead, 100 American-made fighters and medium bombers had joined the assault on Axis troops, airfields, and communication lines.“

        • A hard pressed unit may be resupplied, reinforced or bolstered in their battle but the wounded, downed airmen, sinking sailors and the fleeing defeated are rescued, a term which implies they no longer have the ability to fight.

          The British and their allies are certainly grateful for the US in resupplying and reinforcing them in their battle against a common enemy but they resent any suggestion they were helpless and were saved by a nation which had a minimal contribution in the two years when fascism conquered and occupied most of continental Europe.

    • The US lent Britain 50 destroyers even before Pearl Harbor. It was allowing British spies to operate here under Nelson Rockefeller’s secret network to fight Nazi infiltrators. FDR stretched US neutrality laws all out of shape to save Britain. He couldn’t do anything to help Russia until Hitler declared war on the US. But we then sent Russia a lot of military equipment. And we covered up Stalin’s crimes in our propaganda. It wasn’t a small effort.

  6. I think one of the easiest things to miss, is when Trump presents Native-American WWII war hero’s with facetious insults sharply directed at a sitting US Senator while under the ancient historical gaze of Andrew Jackson, is no mistake…it’s a gambit aimed at Trump’s core constituency. Trump’s fan base loves him squabbling with the likes of Theresa May, as his empty minded followers enjoy him sparring with the Pope. It’s all about being ignorant, because that’s what we need do, is for the U.S. to finally put it’s foot down on the necks of the whole of this world’s humanity that for so long continually has taken advantage of America’s once greatness… this is called, ‘Making America (Stupid) Great Again’, hoorah!

    When I referred to Trump’s supporters as empty heads I wasn’t referencing everyone, just that deeply ignorant type which drags it’s knuckles around somewhere on the bottom within the 10% estimated margin.

    When you are repulsed by a Trump tweet or action, just think the opposite, and who Trump maybe playing to. With Trump there are no rules, there are no predictable outcomes, and that’s all because Trump prides himself on being a rule breaker.

  7. that was funny, omg, not all German Americans …..

    Trump might want to focus on all the white males in the U.S.A. who go around killing. oh, right its coming back to me now, something about a shooter in Las Vegas, and then that guy in a Texas church……
    I haven’t done a count but perhaps there are more white guys running around the U.S.A. killing people than any “muslims” in Europe.

    Just how would Trump know some one was Muslim. Its not like they have a sign on their t-shirts. Oh, its the beards! Then he hasn’t seen some of those white American guys on those “red neck” t.v. shows who look like the Christian version of the Taliban…. oh, well, ……..

    I’m not afraid of Muslims but I’m sure afraid of all those gun carrying Americans and that includes some of their police forces.

    Not afraid of Kim 3, but Trump 1, yes, that is a problem. Most Canadians I know, don’t seem to worried about N. K. but do have a lot of concerns about Trump 1. Our military must be also because they’re activating 2 old bunkers.

    Trump just doesn’t get it. Canada accepted 40K Syrian refugees year and we’re doing just fine. A lot of us are good with accepting another 40K. As one Canadian blogger in B.C. said about his new Syrian neighbours, the food is great.

  8. The deeper, more ominous issue here is that rather than spending evenings reading about history, or good governance, or how past presidents have dealt with crises, etc., (basically anything to do with learning how to be a successful political & diplomatic leader), the POTUS (for cryin’ out loud) apparently spends his nights surfing twitter and the web for criticism or viewing radical right-wing hate group websites.

  9. Dr. Lance Dodes, a psychiatrist, stated on Lawrence O’Donnell last night what I have long suspected about donald trump. trump suffers from situational psychosis in which he loses contact with reality when faced with issues causing personal stress. He’s unpredictable and poses an extreme danger. Obviously the 25th Amendment was written in invisible ink.

    • Lance Dodes has been a heavy contributor to Democratic Party causes, per Federal Elections Commission records downloadable on its public website.

  10. You can trace Christian/Muslim antipathy back to the end of the 11th century with the capture of Jerusalem by a bunch of bloodthirsty Catholic knights stirred to religious frenzy that left the streets ankle deep in Muslim blood. It has ebbed and flowed ever since, and remains not that far from the surface today although it’s roots lie in that distant and largely unstudied past. Ignorance is easily stirred for ulterior motive.

  11. What strikes me in this is the different reactions in the US and UK.
    In the UK, such a piece would only be distributed by a racist fringe organization and every UK politician from all shades of the political spectrum are unanimous in calling it hate speech. Indeed the original poster has been convicted of religiously aggravated harassment.
    The US reaction has been different. There is plenty of criticism of Trump but much of it seems to be embarrassment over his actions and his general idiocy. All warranted but there does not seem to be much focus on the distribution of hate mongering material intended to cause religious and ethnic bigotry.
    I know the US has a more liberal approach to free speech but I wonder if US attitudes to Islam are now so poisonous this type of hate speech is so close to mainstream it passes without comment.

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