No, Trump, you don’t want more Climate change for Northeast

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

Trump said Thursday that given the cold snap in the northeast, that region could do with some global warming.

As others have pointed out, Trump does not get the difference between climate (long term patterns) and weather (one-off phenomena). The cold snap is weather. The heating up is climate change.

Global heating is, however, only one symptom of climate change. Here are some of the drawbacks for the US Northeast of climate change driven by human beings burning gasoline, natural gas and coal. The EPA has a great page on this, but since I’m afraid that Pruitt will take it down, I mirrored it at my own site.

Climate change could cost Boston nearly $100 billion, the EPA says:

. . . the increase in flooding caused by sea level rise this century could cost up to $94 billion from damage to buildings, loss of building contents, and associated emergency activities, depending on the amount of sea level rise and adaptation measures taken.

One side effect of increased global heating is that rainfall will increase.

So here are the top drawbacks for the Northeast of climate change, which rather cast into the shade a mere cold snap or two.

1. Sea Level rise: “Millions of Northeastern residents live near coastlines and river floodplains. . .” the EPA points out. The sea level has already risen 1 ft. since 1900. It will go up at least another 4 ft. by the end of this century and it could be more in the Northeast. All of this raises the specter of flooding and even another Hurricane Sandy. Regularly.

2. Increased rainfall and consequent flooding in fall and spring. Leeching of sewerage into drinking and sea water during extreme storms.

3. Crops, farm animals and dairy production will be harmed by higher temperature.

4. Warm waters will allow now-exotic diseases to spread among marine life such as lobsters.

5. Winter tourism, now earning $7.6 bn a year for the region, would be devastated by shortened winter snow seasons.

6. Asthma will be more widespread

Temperatures went up 2 degrees F. in the century after 1895, and will go up by another 4.5 degrees by 2080. We caused this by driving gasoline cars and heating our homes with natural gas or coal.


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  1. There is a theory out there that global warming will melt the arctic ice and cause the gulf stream to shut down and perversely, cause a mini ice age for we British and Northern Europe. Ironically, if this does happen we will actually have to burn more fossil fuels just to stay warm. We should not however, forget man’s ingenuity to solve problems in the face of adversity. Its not that long ago in the UK that all power stations were run using filthy coal and at the same time many households used coal for heating causing terrible smog as it was called back then. Since then with the onset of North sea gas and the enforcement of smokeless zones the air in the cities has improved by a huge factor. CO2 producing transport has also been revolutionized with cleaner engines and now a projected abolition of diesel vehicles which cause greater pollution than was originally thought. Progress continues with the advent of wind and solar power together with electric vehicles. Solar power would have been the stuff of science fiction only twenty years ago. So, Juan, although the prognosis looks rather grim, I suspect that the temporary ravings of Trump and co are just a passing phase, and the human race may yet come up with a unique solution to our problems. In the short term, I think the more imminent danger to the planet in global war and this we really can control by exercising some common sense, goodwill and less greed.

  2. When Trump’s Palm Beach property (I refuse to use its name) goes under water, the insurance carrier should deny the claim on the grounds that he had asked for it.

  3. Potus simply does not understand beyond his fragile psyche; what would be a cute comment at a dinner table or on an open-mike stage, is ludicrous and moronic from an elected official.
    We have been dumbed/numbed-down to the level of an abused spouse or dog to not respond with criticism of the cruelty/fear of jester.

  4. Considering his administration’s policies, and people, he does indeed want more climate change. For the whole world, whether we like it or not.

    This article, and others like it, attempt to reason with the unreasonable.

  5. Someone who is incompetent might still understand a situation and know what needs to be done, but doesn’t have the capacity to get things done. A stupid person doesn’t doesn’t understand a situation.

    Our president is a stupid person (or wishes to project that image for political reasons) and incompetent. Of course being incompetent could help sometimes because it hinders him getting stupid things done.

  6. I seriously doubt that trump with his concrete thinking (such as it is) is capable of understanding the difference between climate and weather. He only senses that which is before him at the moment. After all, who knew there so many countries? After the interview with the NYT yesterday it is more than clear that we need to fully emancipate the words “delusional” and “lie” as they apply to donald trump.

  7. OK, give him his wish – and let’s see what happens to Mar-a-Lago. Safe to believe that he may change his tune once his precious golf course – aka “White House South” – becomes a new home for tropical fish.

  8. That man is so ignorant he doesn’t even know he knows nothing, but might it not have been a lighthearted off the cuff? I said something similar yesterday when a 25 mph wind had been gusting sub zero hail down our narrow street for two days and nights non-stop.

  9. When a greedy, insane person is handed immense power and the potential for MORE WEALTH for a very long time, it is obviously very easy to turn a blind eye to those doing great harm to everyone BUT Donald J. Trump and benefactors.

    The maladministration will soon strip regulations from FRACKING, OFF-SHORE DRILLING and extraction from public lands.

    link to

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  10. What Trump said, if said by just about any one else, would be considered a joke. Unfortunately Trump doesn’t understand climate change and wouldn’t care if he did. He seems to have forgotten the wild fires in California of earlier this month.

    He doesn’t even seem to understand some of his real estate may become condos for fish.

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