Muslim Countries call for E. Jerusalem as Palestine Capital, reject US as Honest Broker

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

The Organization of the Islamic Conference, a regular meeting of the foreign ministers of 57 Muslim-majority countries, held an extraordinary session in Istanbul on Wednesday, in which they rejected US President Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. In a communique they called Trump’s decision “unilateral,” “illegal,” and “irresponsible” and said it was “null and void.”

The Muslim powers said that they now officially recognize East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state, and they urged other countries to so recognize it.

They said that Trump had deliberately sabotaged all the efforts expended over the years to achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace and that he had benefited extremism and terrorism, and had threatened international peace and security. They observed that Trump’s decision had the practical effect of withdrawing the US from any role as a mediator in achieving peace.

The Muslim leaders condemned Trump for encouraging the Netanyahu government in Israel to continue its policies of colonial settlement and of Apartheid, as well as of ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians.

The communique said that if the Security Council does not mobilize to intervene on Jerusalem, that they would take the issue to the UN General Assembly.

For his part, Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas opined that there will be neither peace nor stability until East Jerusalem is definitively recognized as the capital of a Palestinian state.

Abbas also said that from now on he and his organization can never again consider the United States as honest broker in the peace process.

Dude, the US was never an honest broker. The US government has from the time of Harry Truman been dedicated to screwing over the Palestinians.

The Trump administration line on Mahmoud Abbas is now that he “walked away from the peace process.” This is like saying that Salma Hayek walked away from reconciliation with Harvey Weinstein.


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  1. The US was NEVER an honest broker at any point. Never.

    Why did it take these Muslims nations so long to admit to it?
    They cannot have it both ways, and should stop their dealings with the US, to show their disapproval for the way the Palestinians were stabbed in the back. From one President to another, the support for Israel, by aid, giving them weapons (used mostly to kil civilians), and the unwavering support at the UN by vetoes, whenever the UN wanted to pass a resolution condemning Israel’s human rights violations, went on, and anyone could see that the US was complicit in the occupation, the land grabs, the mowing of the lawn, the collective punishment, and the civilian deaths. Are the Muslim nations feeling betrayed now?

    It is time these Muslim nations did the right thing for the Palestinians, and recognized their statehood, and they should be given long overdue rights, dignity, and freedom. To hell with the US and Israel, if they object to it, after all they act like they are above international laws, and it is time the world treated them like pariah nations.
    Now that the the rest of the world has shown it’s anger against this idiotic move by Trump, to hand Jerusalem (getting nothing in return) over to an occupier, the Palestinians should ask them to support their statehood. I am sure many will.

    • Most of the Muslim countries and many others have long recognised the State of Palestine.

  2. It must have been tough for Trump’s predecessors to keep so firm a lid on Palestinian aspirations while appearing to be even handed, particularly in the face of the plethora of UN resolutions and simmering world opinion. The mantra that it was up to the Israelis and Palestinians to resolve their differences no longer has the slightest credibility, if it ever did. The proper arbitrator has always been the UN; no one else is qualified. Netanyahu knows this which is doubtless why he regards the UN as wickedly anti-Israel; he would probably like to accuse it of anti-Semitism but that might be a bridge too far even for him. Trump can’t have the slightest intention of maintaining the status quo since it requires talents he doesn’t possess. References to Putin the chess player might usefully be balanced by looking at Trump the golf player. Golf is an activity devoid of strategy. You don’t even need another player, except to determine who’s better, or settle a bet; each stroke is a challenge of its own and the only way to play it is as well as you can. The world is accustomed to diplomacy and unaccustomed to the conduct of international relations without it. However, Putin, Xi, Macron and so on have twigged, as has Kim Jong-Un, and the others are getting there. What this means if that others can increasingly take the initiatives where they used to defer to the US, and that may well apply to Palestine as well.
    Trump’s niceness to Netanyahu and the Crown Prince could be in the manner of a Greek bearing gifts. His Administration, while happy to move the US embassy there does not actually acknowledge Jerusalem to be in Israel. link to (1st exchange with AP’s Matt Lee.)

  3. James Frisbie

    everything Trump touches turns to dung…yes, sad reality is US has never been an honest broker of Peace. Dancing puppets, sold to greed. Ignorance rains, reigns…

  4. Thinking about it, this could be seen as a fresh breath of useful and ultimately positive honesty.

    Whatever one’s vision of the future they want to live in, it does no one any good denying the reality of what is going on, when denial only frustrates the natural dialect that should be playing out.

    In this case, the US quitting its pretense of being anything other than Israel’s lawyer and lackey allows everyone to see things more clearly for what they really are. Whatever lies ahead, we are closer to reaching an honest truth today then we were yesterday, when everyone was pretending the relationship between the US and Israel was anything other than what it really was. The cowardice of prior administrations really can be seen as having obstructed reaching an appropriate resolution to the conflict, whatever forces this particular move may yet unleash.

    This is the upside to Trump in a number of other spheres as well. No longer does the GOP hypocrisy of pretending to care about the 99.99% need to be tended. It takes a lot of bandwidth to keep up a benign front, especially when you need to think of yourself as caring about anyone other than yourself and your cronies.

    With this liberation will come exposure that cannot be denied. Trump’s unique manifestation of leadership has been quite empowering insofar as allowing many in the GOP to come out of the closet in a variety of ways. Although he lost, for example, “Judge” Moore’s honesty in wanting to repeal amendments 11-27 to the US constitution has doubtlessly mirrored the private thoughts of many other GOP politicians. Antes Trump, one couldn’t just come out and say they wanted to return to the Antebellum South.

    What this could mean is that the many conflicts Trump is engendering may provoke the polity in general to wake-up and stand-up for that they really believe in. It may be wishful thinking and we may be in for some real pain, but Trump’s asunder provocations may ultimately work out for the best.

  5. If Israeli hardliners looked into a mirror they would understand that the Biblical verse Proverbs (Mishle) 16:18 applies to them.

    “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.”

    The original plan to have two states–one Jewish and one Palestinian–with an international city, Jerusalem (al-Quds), that would be a joint civil condominium shared by both states was a solution worthy of Soloman (peace be upon him). Such a joint capital could have two “burroughs”, West Jerusalem (Jewish) and East Jerusalem (Palestinian), each with its own civil government (local council) and an “urban council” for joint, shared activities, with free passage for all citizens between them and a joint Christian, Muslim, Jewish religious council to protect the holy places and assure their accessibility to all. This would not prevent Israelis from considering the entire region to be their religious capital and to claim “ownership” from a religious (spiritual) point of view.

    Today, the Israelis treat the Arab citizens of Israel as second class citizens and in doing so overlook their own rules since returning to the Holy Land.

    On the basis of the position of the Meiri (Bet Habehirah, Bava Kama, 113b) recognizing both Muslims and Christians as monotheistic believers bound by the minimal moral code, the first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi in Israel, Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak HaCohen Kuk ruled (Iggeret 89; Mishpat-Cohen 63) that Muslims and Christians living in a predominant
    Jewish society must be treated as gerim toshavim, i.e., with full civil liberties, just as Jews are treated.

    One Orthodox Jewish movement, Naturei Karta, supports the Palestinians and disavows all Zionist claims to statehood in the Holy Land. According to them, “The Palestinians are the victims of the Zionist movement’s moral blindness and obstinate refusal to take into account the existence of peoples other than themselves. The Palestinian people have a right to their homeland. And they have a right to financial restitution for property loss and damages inflicted upon them over the past decades.”

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