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  1. Hillary Clinton said many of the same sorts of things in her off the record Wall Street speeches (highly remunerated speeches, at least Trump talks for free). A bigger issue are the policies themselves. Trickle down economics have been shown not to work since the time of the Egyptian pharaohs, while Henry Ford economics (“pay the workers well and they’ll buy the cars”) have been show to be very effective in increasing overall economic growth and prosperity.

    The United States has become a plutocracy (well actually it’s been one since at least G.W. Bush if not already during the W. Clinton years). Plutocracy has been proven ineffective at generating wider wealth. They end in gatekeepers and crony capitalism. Welcome to our brave new future!

    Which has scant little to do with Trump and a lot more to do with the power behind the throne (which has been in place for at least twenty five years if not seventy years).

    • Okay, but the hatred of Clinton was supposed to prove that White Working Class Patriots were sick of the power behind the throne and neoliberalism. Yet Trump signs a tax bill that Democrats wouldn’t touch and his redneck cult remains confident they will be rewarded.

      No, the only problem the less-rich Whites had with the power behind the throne was that it refused to be openly and categorically White Supremacist in its redistribution. Conversely, the only problem they had with social programs and redistribution was that there was no way to officially make those programs White-only. So they were easily convinced by fascists (as always with fascists) that the rich Jewish liberals and the mud-races-who-breed-like-rats were in a Big Government conspiracy to take away their God-given status in the socioeconomic order. And only by destroying Big Government could the patriotic entrepreneurs restore “freedom”, in which the naturally-superior White workers would inevitably surmount their inferiors.

      Trump messed up everything by simply proclaiming himself to be that savior-entrepreneur, instead of a servant of the unending movement to prepare the way like Ted Cruz. But he in fact correctly recognized the tortured relationship between White right-wingers and Free Enterprise; they don’t want Free Enterprise, they want a caste system with private property rights unlimited under law, but not under social tradition. The chieftains are supposed to protect their lesser kin so that they can together persecute their captive races. Hitler understood this too, and the need for a fuhrer above law and ideology who arbitrarily mandates capitalist or casteist outcomes case by case, whichever is more rigged to favor the Volk. Economic theory matters not at all.

  2. The man has NEVER served in our military, DOES NOT PAY HIS FULL TAXES, goes BANKRUPT frequently, loves Vladimir Putin and is a fully documented abuser of women which accounts for his popularity.

    Trumpsters should MOVE TO RUSSIA! And leave normal folks to manage our country without FOREIGN interference and fat pussy grabbers poop tweeting.

    Trumpsters are little more than Russian intelligence assets, a base of TRAITORS to their country.


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