Trump’s Gift to Hizbullah weakens Saudi Hand in Beirut

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Hassan Nasrullah, the secretary general of Lebanon’s Hizbullah, called for a new Palestinian uprising or intifada in the wake of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. He said Trump had thereby issued “A second Balfour Declaration.” (The first was in 1917 when the British cabinet gave away Palestine to the Zionists in a fit of imperial diktat.)

He said in a televised address that supporting the Palestinian resistance was the best way to respond to Trump’s announcement. Nasrullah warned that Trump’s decision created dangers to Palestinians and would encourage Israeli colonists on Palestinian land and create new dangers to the Muslima nd Christian holy places in Jerusalem, above all the Aqsa Mosque.

He called for protests in every possible way, including physically but also via social media on the internet.

He also urged the revival of the Arab League boycott of Israel.

He said, “We are facing an administration that does not respect international treaties.

Nasrullah is calling for large rallies in Lebanon itself early next week. For him, Trump’s announcement is a God send, since Nasrullah had been under the gun from the Saudis and they had required Lebanese prime minister, Saad Hariri to resign.

Hariri has reinstated himself. But the pressure on Hizbullah from the Saudis is still there. The Jerusalem issue allows Nasrullah to fight back against the Saudi attempt to rein it in in Yemen and Syria.

Since the Saudis have been relatively openly playing footsie with Israel, Nasrullah has the street cred to appeal to the Arab masses.


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  1. Maybe it is time to abandon the dream that Palestine might emerge from the Israeli occupation as an independent state and deal with the reality that there is only one country now, Israel, with an Arab majority living under apartheid. Then the world can deal with Israel as it dealt with South Africa. A couple of relevant questions are: Can the Arab majority be trusted with Israel’s nuclear arsenal? And can the Arab majority be trusted to respect the civil rights of the Jews?

  2. Jim Cataldo

    It is a total gift to Hisbullah and Iran, and a huge slap in the face to any Arab governments allied with the US. I wouldn’t want to be the King of Jordan right now.

  3. It is clearly time to face the fact that the two state solution is dead. It is now time for the PA to dissolve itself and for the civil rights struggle for citizenship and full political rights for Palestinians. It will be a long and bumpy struggle as it was in South Africa. But growing international pressure and Trump’s diminution of US influence in world affairs and ability to protect the Israeli regime will ultimately result in a single, denuclearized, secular state. This is now the irrevocable path of history. We can only hope and pray that the Palestinian majority, when it comes to power, will be as wise and forgiving as Mandela.

  4. There’s conflicting news about who the purchaser is of the recent alleged Leonardo Da Vinci painting, Salvator Mundi, which is suppose to depict Jesus and fetched a record breaking sum of under half a billion US dollars.

    It’s either Abu Dhabi’s culture and tourism ministry, or a Saudi prince in MBS good books, or even MBS himself. Regardless, the optics of opulence are never good, considering this is coinciding with the US announcement supporting Israel’s claim over Jerusalem, besides the backdrop of other disparities and hypocrisies like Yemen’s suffering and religious sentiments (depictions of Prophets’ are controversial amongst Muslims).

    Not a good PR month for the Gulf Arab regimes. Lot’s of propaganda ammunition for anyone opposed to them, most of it self-inflicted.

  5. Regarding the rights, even today the rights of current Arab citizens are not being respected. They are systematically being discriminated from housing, jobs and education. The Bedouins of Negev Desert are being removed from their townships. If there is apartheid I think it is the Arab rights which are in jeopardy. The onus of ensuring equal rights is on the ruling establishment not on victims!!

  6. Trump statements ought to simply be ignored. He may think Jerusalam is the capital of Israel and wants to move the American embassy there, but he may be out of office one of these days, so who cares. Obviously may people do, but to riot and endanger themselves, what is the point? The American president isn’t going to change his position on this. It would be best to simply wait until he is gone and in the meantime take the fight to the U.N.

    There is no reason to not continue the quest for a Palestinian homeland, their own country, their own passports, etc.

    What definitely needs to happen is for Israel to be taken to an international court to stop stealing land from the Palestinians to build settlements. Stealing is stealing AND Its not a good thing.

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