Trump “not welcome” in UK after Neo-Nazi retweets: London Mayor

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Describing London as the city of “tolerance, acceptance and diversity”, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, however, on Wednesday said President Donald Trump is “not welcomed”, Anadolu reports.

Khan’s written statement came after the London Assembly asked him how the city’s government would prepare for an official state visit from Trump.


“As Mayor, I will always speak up to protect the interests and security of Londoners. I have previously called on Theresa May to cancel her ill-judged offer of a state visit to President Trump,” Khan said.

“After the latest incident, where President Trump used Twitter to promote a vile, extremist group that exists solely to sow division and hatred in our country, it is clear that any official visit here would not be welcomed,” he added.

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Despite an online row with Prime Minister Theresa May, Trump is expected to pay an official visit to Britain and to hold talks with the British prime minister in February.

Trump’s retweeting last month of three anti-Muslim videos taken from the Twitter feed of a member of the far-right Britain First group caused outrage in the UK and led to senior politicians speaking out against any visit.

May described Trump’s re-tweets as “wrong”, which led to Trump telling her to “focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism” in Britain.

She refused to cancel the trip despite widespread condemnation, including Khan, who said Trump had promoted a “vile, extremist group that exists solely to sow division and hatred in our country.”

Khan stated that the British people including himself, love both America and Americans but Trump’s recent comments contradict with Britain’s stance on racism and hatred.

“London is a beacon of tolerance, acceptance and diversity, and Mr. Trump has demonstrated time and time again that his views are completely incompatible with the values Londoners hold dear,” Khan noted.

Trump is also expected to attend the opening of the new US embassy in Battersea, southwest London, but no date has been set.

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  1. Agree with the Mayor of London. I certainly don’t want him in Canada. Trump’s wife is welcome, but not him. Why would they want some one like him in G.B. You’d have to count the silver after he left any State event. If Theresa May wants to talk to Trump, she can travel to the U.S.A. Trump just wants a picture for his wall with the Queen.

    Trump is a racist and his presence in G.B. at the invitation of the P.M. would simply rate her as a racist also. Its not like the country needs him to visit. He doesn’t bring anything to the table except bad manners and inability to conduct himself appropriately.

  2. Queen Elizabeth has been friendly enough to party with Syria’s Assad, Congo’s Mobutu, Zimbabwe’s Mugabe, Uganda’s Museveni (ultra-homophobic), and the slave-holding Sultan of Brunei. The Brits’ hands are as stained with blood as any American’s. Trump is pretty crass, but certainly not the bottom of the barrel.

    • More is expected from the USA, than from the authoritarian regimes of the world.

      Well, it used to be.

  3. Yes, it is agreed the Queen met with some very nasty characters in her role. However, those countries always had problems. In the case of Trump, it isn’t the country which is the problem but the leader who is a “pig”, maker of false statements, racist, homophobia, all in an era when some of those other nasty world leaders have improved a tad, a very little, but its progress. To entertain Trump in G.B. says his conduct is just fine. he got to have dinner with the Queen. To say, no you can’t have dinner with the Queen sends the message, you need to pull your socks up. Your manners aren’t up to snuff.

    There is also the point these other leaders “behaved” themselves while visiting with the Queen. With Trump who the hell knows what he will say or do. He might get up and give a speech which could require the member of the Royal House to leave the room. Its possible, so why risk it. The guy is mud.

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