Trump ‘Working Visit’ to Britain has to be Cancelled after he outrages all 65 million Britons

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

You can’t take him anywhere. And, he is leaving a trail of US diplomatic catastrophes even with close allies.

In the aftermath of massive and almost unanimous British outrage at Trump’s retweets of anti-Muslim hate videos (one phony and two irrelevant to Muslims in general) posted by the Neo-Nazi group Britain First, American diplomats have dropped plans for a working visit of Trump to the UK in January, when he was supposed to have inaugurated the new US embassy in London.

Scores of members of parliament and London mayor Sadiq Khan, of Muslim heritage, have said that Trump is not welcome in the country. One MP suggested that if he did step foot on British soil, he should be arrested for hate crimes.

US ambassador to the court of St. James’s, billionaire Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets, had urged Britons in September to get to know Trump.” “You’ll like him,” Johnson had promised. The ambassador is an heir of the Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical company. Johnson appears emblematic of the moral bankruptcy of the 563-strong billionaire class in the United States, many of whom played important roles in giving us Trump, such as Bob Mercer, former CEO of Renaissance Technologies Hedge Fund (from which everyone should disinvest), and all-round funder of causes dear to the heart of any Nazi. Trump is in the process of rewarding the neo-Nazi billionaires by transferring another $1.5 trillion to them and taking it away from people who make less than $1 million a year.

The January trip to Britain had been penciled in as less than a full state visit, which would have involved a meeting with the queen and would have likely put hundreds of thousands of protesters into the streets of London and other cities. I’m not sure the “working visit” ploy could have avoided sparking massive protests, either.

I should be clear that Prime Minister Theresa May, an absolutely horrible person in her own right, did not cancel the Trump visit from her side, playing the role of lap dog to Washington just as Tony Blair used to.

One question that could be posed is who did cancel Trump’s jaunt across the pond. It wouldn’t have been Rex Tillerson, since no petroleum seems to be involved and he is anyway a) not at Foggy Bottom much and b) probably on his way out and without much authority.

Was it Johnson at the US embassy in London? If so, maybe he has rethought his advice to Britishers to get to know Trump. Trump is like Bertha Mason, the violent madwoman in the attic in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre. It is better she isn’t seen or heard by the house guests. Unfortunately, Bertha did eventually manage to burn down her estranged husband Edward Rochester’s house, as Trump is doing to the United States.


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  1. The quote you mention in your blog from Woody Johnson reminds me of the hilarious Yossarian in Joseph Hellers wonderful book, ‘catch 22’ where Colonel Cathcart tries to persuade Yossarian to return to America and give speeches telling everyone how nice the top brass are and he says to Yossarian “like us, Yossarian and say good things about us”
    I’m sure that if Trump does come to Britain there will be huge demonstrations. I think we Brits are always game for a demo but are nothing compared to our neigbours, the French, who are the undisputed masters when it comes to demonstrations. As for all 65 million British people in Britain being outraged by Trumps comments, Sadly I’m afraid that there is a large vocal minority of nutters in the UK who think otherwise and will not be least put out by Trumps inane tweets. One has to feel sorry for prime minister, Theresa May, because she really is between a rock and a hard place regarding Trump. She has to act like an international statesman yet at the same time try to reassure parliament and the public that she supports their concerns. What with Brexit and Trump this is not a good time to be prime minister of the UK.

  2. I imagine the British Ambassador, Darroch, whose academic qualifications appear to be limited to a BSc in Zoology, will have been pivotal. May should never have delivered the invitation in the first place, although he must have been in on that as well. I can see the pair of them now scrambling to unravel the consequences of their opportunistic enthusiasm. No style, these people.

  3. Trump cannot see pass his deep seated prejudices, and the English are getting a good glimpse into his bias soul. This caution of Trump by the English is well understood considering the difficult time England has been having with terrorist attacks, so why inflame the situation any further? In fact Trump fires it up even more by taunting the English Prime Minster with how England suffers while America has it seemly all under control…with terrorism that is. So, who can blame the English for taking every sensible precaution they can not to insight any terrorist event all because President Ignorant came to visit.

  4. Trumpnazi has managed to single-handedly p•••off our closest ally. He won’t go to the U.K. until May can guarantee there will be no protests from his visit and the Red Carpet is cleaned.

    Those Brits have it correct – a Trump travel ban, Touché!

  5. It isn’t that we have terrorism under control – it is just that we do almost all of ours in house. (Vegas)

  6. Yes, this week’s Economist suggested there might be a riot if Trump arrived on a state visit (“working” one or otherwise). Still, he’s getting people interested in politics again, though probably not the way he wants.

  7. “America has it seemly under control with terrorism” !!!!
    So you don’t count tens of thousands of dead from gun-toting nutters as terrorism ???

  8. Many things can be said about the British…in this case they are no fools …they CAN see this fool coming …and want no parts of him!
    THAT makes very good sense! For them!
    As much as WE THE PEOPLE would like to see him eerrraaahh leave or go …or disappear. Fly over the Bermuda Triangle …never to return!
    You get the idea!

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