Israel approves $230m for settler only roads in West Bank

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Israel’s Channel 7 has reported that the Israeli government has approved the allocation of $230 million to finance the construction of settlement roads in the occupied West Bank.

According to the channel, which is close to the settlers, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed the Head of Shomron Regional Council in the occupied West Bank, Yossi Dagan, of this decision, which was welcomed by the settlers.

The channel reported yesterday that Netanyahu issued instructions to link the Havat Gilad settlement, built on Palestinian land near occupied Nablus, to the national power grid, as well as to develop its infrastructure network.

The decision comes after an Israeli settler was shot and killed near the Havat Gilad settlement on Tuesday night.

Settlers have recently escalated their demands for the government to build a bypass road in order for them to avoid entering Palestinian cities and villages, as they claim they pose a danger to them.

Several Israeli ministers called for more settlement construction in response to the shooting, according to Haaretz.

Local and international human rights organisations expressed their belief that the settlement bypass road projects are a new expression of Israel’s systematic policy of apartheid against the Palestinians.

The Israeli decision will lead to the confiscation of more Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank.

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  1. settler only in West Bank ….

    white only in South Africa;

    there is no difference,

    when will the world wake up,

    get HONEST and

    admit that.

  2. Dear Dr. Cole,
    Could you please write an article (or a book!) about these settlements? I have several questions and can guess the answers but it would be nice to know definitively. First: if a non-Jewish family wished to move into one of these settlements, would they be allowed to do so? Would it matter whether they were Christian, Muslim or Atheist? I ask because I’m an American and it’s hard for me to imagine a situation where the government actually allows — or even encourages — discrimination based upon race, religion, or ethnic heritage. (Yes, I realize we do have such here in the USA but it’s not as yet government sanctioned.) How do they decide who is “Jewish enough” to buy property in a “Jewish” settlement? 2nd question: do the settlers who move out of Israel proper into occupied territories retain full rights of Israeli citizenship? Do they become dual citizens of both Israel and Palestine? I have so many other questions. The whole situation seems so bizarre to me. I don’t understand the distinctions between religion and ethnicity, and I don’t understand how these distinctions are applied in Israel and the Occupied Territories. I’m pretty sure they’re not doing DNA tests. How, then? They keep ancestral family records and use those records in order to determine who has which rights? Or you just look Jewish or sound Jewish or act Jewish, as though that’s a thing? What happens if a so-called “Black Jew” such as Lenny Kravitz, or an Ethiopian Jew family wishes to move to a settlement in Occupied Palestine? Do they pass the DNA test or ancestral-records test or whatever they use to determine Jewishness?

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