Unused to Real Journalists, Trump envoy to Hague Stunned at Questions on his Bigoted Lies (Video)

David Pakman | (Video News Report) | – –

“Pete Hoekstra, US Ambassador to the Netherlands, repeatedly gets called out and stumped by Dutch reporters who demand answers on his claims about “no-go zones” and Dutch politicians getting set on fire.”

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  1. Pete Hoekstra, Trump’s US Ambassador to the Netherlands, gets a free pair of Donald J. Trump Presidential kneepads made in Russia and autographed by Steven Miller.

    On June 22, 2006, Hoekstra made headlines by announcing at a press conference in the Capitol that weapons of mass destruction had been located in Iraq. Hoekstra was a founding member of the Congressional House Tea Party Caucus in 2010.

    Sending twisted individuals like Pieter Hoekstra to an allied foreign country merely floodlights the extreme right-wing SICKNESS of H8 that envelops too many in our once great country.

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