Netanyahu & Trump, both under Investigation, Meet on phony ‘Deal of the Century’

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

Far right Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu will meet Monday with far right white nationalist president Donald J. Trump in an apparent effort to hurry up Trump’s announcement of the “Deal of the Century” between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Arabic press is speculating that Netanyahu, who has faced large anti-corruption rallies at home and whose government may fall over his possible indictment on corruption charges, wants Trump to try to save his political career by making a splash over the Deal of the Century.

If so, it is a forlorn hope, since there is no deal to be had under Trump/Netanyahu terms.

The Palestinian-Israeli “Peace Process” is a charade that has the following sociological and political functions:

1. It provides a fig leaf to the Israeli far right as it daily steals more and more Palestinian land in the West Bank and continues to brutalize the civilian population of Gaza.

2. It allows the US government, which coddles Israeli expansionism on the West Bank, to have a form of deniability over Israeli colonialism and Apartheid, or at least something to tell reporters at press conferences, saying that all the disputes will be resolved in final status negotiations. This is like putting two people at a table with two big pieces of German chocolate cake, having one person dig in with a fork and gobble up not only his own share but begin attacking the other person’s plate as well, while the other dinner guest is tied to his chair with his arms behind his back. And then saying, don’t worry, in a few decades we’ll untie the second person and figure out how to get him back some of his now-disappeared piece of cake.

3. The “peace process” hopes to pacify the Palestinian population, which has been divided up into cantons on the West Bank and intensively policed by jackbooted Israeli troops and is increasingly encroached upon by armed, fanatical, supremacist Israeli squatters on Palestinian land. By continually reassuring this beleaguered and long-suffering population that their Apartheid occupation is temporary and there is hope for a state in the future, US and Israeli officials hope to tamp down the militancy that might ensue if Palestinians lost all hope.

4. It allows the Israeli and US governments to blame the victims, since Palestinians who point out that there is no peace process and the entire operation is a sham can be sidelined publicly as obstructionists and even terrorists.

5. It creates a corrupt Palestinian professional bureaucratic class that lives off the crumbs of the “peace process,” essentially acting as collaborators in helping police the Palestinian population for the Israelis and reassuring them about the future. This bureaucratic class receives substantial European, Arab and even US aid and its representatives can be trotted out as the face of the Palestinians, when in fact almost all Palestinians are invested in resisting Israeli expansionism.

Trump’s harsh rhetoric toward the Palestinians has ripped away some of the facade of the “peace process.” His announcement of a move of the US embassy to Jerusalem is a way of signalling that East Jerusalem will never be the capital of a Palestinian state and that there never will be a Palestinian state.

As a result, Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority and primary exemplar of the Palestinian bureaucratic class has said he will refuse to negotiate through the Americans.

Trump’s angry reply, that he will cut off aid to the Palestinian Authority if Abbas defies him, threatens to decimate the Palestinian bureaucratic class that lives off the “peace process.” But without them, the full catastrophe facing the 4.5 million Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation or permanent Israeli blockade will become abundantly clear to that population, leading to substantial unrest.

Netanyahu hopes that Trump will go even further, and simply put the weight of the US government toward full Apartheid and accelerated Israeli squatting, bestowing Washington’s seal of approval on current Israeli policies and so making it harder for the boycott, sanctions and divestment movement in Europe to become ensconced as general European Union policy (about a third of Israel’s trade is with Europe and it receives substantial technology and weapons transfers from that quarter, which are all endangered if BDS spreads there).

That is the so-called “Deal of the Century,” which would whitewash Netanyahu’s fascist expansionism in occupied Palestine, and which he hopes in vain might give him back his political standing in his own cabinet.

It is a desperate ploy and the entire enterprise is likely doomed in the medium to long term, though the rest of us will suffer a substantial degradation in our quality of life and our basic human rights as a result of this desperate quest to prop up the world’s last colonial mini-empire.


bonus video:

Press TV: “Israelis demand: Netanyahu go home!”

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  1. Netanyahu’s charade goes on. The world knows by now, that if he genuinely wanted peace with the Palestinians, he would have ended the occupation, and stopped the illegal settlements long time ago….he just wants to status quo to go on, he even turned down fighter jets to attend peace talks, when the Obama administration tried to initiate peace talks.
    Netanyahu wants to steal as much land as he can for Israel.
    He keeps blaming the victims, and justifying his war crimes.

    Two crooks under serious investigations to meet. This must be some record.

  2. Israel’s defiance of UN resolutions, and post-WWII conventions has weakened the very concept of international law. International law is rooted in humanitarian attitudes which it sustains and from which it draws its vitality. It counters the innate tendencies of nations and individuals to pursue their own interests at the expense of others regardless of the general good, but Its own strength and its capacity to fulfil that role depend on the respect afforded it. Without that respect it becomes like the rituals of a religion no one believes in. There is no prospect for a negotiated settlement of the Palestinian issue. Negotiation is a distraction. The solution is rigid adherence to the UN and its laws and resolutions, and the restitution of the status ante quo. Many say that can’t be done, the settlements are there to stay. That is nonsense. Of course it can be done. It’s simply a question of Israel withdrawing its military and police presence and vacating illegal settlements. The solution to Israeli obduracy is BDS which is a latter day form of ostracisation, well attested and already on the table. The fact that powerful elements oppose such a route perfectly illustrates the extent to which the concept of international law has been abandoned.

    • Israel really does have a problem here. A few years ago they did withdraw something like 20 settler homes, I think it was from around Gaza, and there was absolute Hell to pay.

      No, this is what Israel wants and Israel is determined to have. It may happen fast or slow, hard or soft, but a racially pure and consolidated Zion, with neighboring countries, including Iran, neutered, is the goal.

    • Nicholas’s it’s always an education to read your reply’s, and with this comment I totally agree.

      What is most disconcerting is how badly it seems that almost all of our valued institutions have deteriorated in their morale and legal concepts of their mission. These institutions are what many see as them being vital, as these institutions are the bedrock of our society.

      Then we have our youth, and many an adult, who have all but seemed to rejected our society’s institutions, feeling left out and rejected by this Establishments corrupted leaders. These Americans see two America’s one for the rich, and one for the not so rich. They see double standards to enforcing the law. They see questionable election results, and feel helpless to correct this situation. They see the top only raise, while they on the bottom only sink lower. This leads to their lack of appreciation of a leadership who never earned this Lot’s respect due to their 1% double standards and preferences towards the unattainable for the rest of society’s needs.

      This same crowd see America’s support for Israel as it being a waste of American money, which they feel could have been spent here in their own country, and maybe more on them. They deep down resent this, but they also realize the power of AIPAC. Except for the Christian Right who believe that the end times will end in Jerusalem, the rest of these disgruntled citizens could care less about any Palestinian, or a Zionist Jew for that matter.

      Maybe what I’m saying here is said best when I observe the Breibart crowd. And what I have taken note of, is this group hates Jared. They think of him as the Donald’s Wonder Boy Son in Law, and with that you will take note of this groups lack of faith in our valued institutions, among other things. This group could care less what Jared wants, or what Netanyahu needs. Except for this groups right wing Christian faction, the rest of this groups restlessness centers around ‘what’s in it for me’, and with that this is all that’s left of Trump’s support for anything, and especially and including Israel.

      None of what Trump is doing with Israel, or the Middle East, will come to any good conclusion. With the weakness of all of our institutions it will be an impossible lift to gain the support of this crowd, and with that Trump will even sink lower. If this transpires the way I see it this flyover country crowd will most definitely not be onboard, and with that Trump will lose what little support he ever had.

      Our society at this moment is fractured by its own hubris, and Israel is seen as a spoiled child who continues, and continues, and did I say confines to only demand more from Mama U$A.

      In other words Nicholas these Silent Americans just aren’t buying what their Commader and Chief is selling, but don’t tell the President that, because he thinks everybody loves him….he’s making America Great Again don’t you know…now leave him alone, he’s busy. (Sarcasm on the end there) Joe

  3. Great summary, but this really is old news. The remarkable thing is how Bibi et al continue to get away with such a transparent con.

    Seems to me Bibi and the increasingly dominant ultra orthodox ultra right, may decide now is the time to make the move to a Final Solution.

    Now, with Trump and the US firmly under control, and no “partners for peace” amongst the Pals, they can drop their restraint and “vomit them out of Zion.”

    There will never be a better time, and this has been the endgame toward which they’ve been maneuvering. Not to mention saving Bibi’s sorry ass.

  4. Julian Koss

    Netanyahu will “play” Trump for all he’s (Trump) worth. The Israeli prime minister is as crooked as Trump, only smarter.

  5. This charade also keeps emergency funding flowing, 78% of which flows into private Israeli firms that provide goods and services to Palestinians.

  6. I hope the Palestinians don’t fall for the “generous offer” ploy again. Let Kushner put it in writing, including all the fine print, and make it public.

  7. What would happen if the Palestinians simply surrendered? If they closed down the PA and said ‘Okay we give up, we’re a conquered people, we surrender and submit to being citizens of the new, united, Greater Israel’ then they could hardly find themselves in a worse situation than now. It would also undermine the Israeli abdication of any responsibility for the people under their power.

    As such a simple proposal it is probably highly flawed, but it is a tactic which could at least shake up the current congealed facts on the ground.

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