Western Man jailed for “insulting” UAE online

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A 39-year-old teacher has been jailed and forced “to sign a fake confession” in the UAE following “an electronic insult” on social media.

Christian Wilke was arrested in October 2017 while working as a teacher in Abu Dhabi. His mother, Christine Wilke-Breitsameter, says he is being held in filthy conditions and has been forced to sign a false confession.

Christian has also not been told what has led his arrest, his mother added.

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“He got a lawyer for the first time after 52 days and his entire trial was conducted in Arabic,” said his mother.

As we now know he was sentenced to one year imprisonment and the equivalent of €12,500 [$15,400] in punishment for an ‘electronic insult’. That can be anything. A five-year-old Facebook post which the government classifies as critical. A harmless joke. Like a post that does not suit the government.

“The conditions in Al Ain [prison] are cruel. He’s barely being fed and has lost 18 kilos of weight. There are rats running around and cockroaches in the food. Being there he developed pneumonia and was denied adequate medical care,” Christine said.

“I am so afraid for my son. I’m afraid he will not get through this.”

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3 Responses

  1. Since the passing of Zayed the country has taken a slide towards tinpot dictatorship. Gold-plated tinpot but tinpot just the same. It’s a terrible shame.

  2. He did not insult anyone, that is Fake news circulating.
    In fact nobody really knows what type of innocent comment he must have made under his real name and employer Brighton College. We believe it must have been his invitation to a photo contents named ‘Gender Identities”, that must have infuriated that Disney World setup of a country.
    Please sign the petition for his release:
    link to change.org

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