Psychopathocracy Matures: Trump asks why CIA did not Massacre family of Militant with Drone

By Juan Cole | (Informed Comment) | – –

Greg Jaffe at the Washington Post reports that Trump has reversed an Obama-era push to get the Central Intelligence Agency out of the business of assassinating people with drone strikes (Obama had tried to shift most such operations to the Department of Defense).

In the course of reviewing video of a drone strike, Trump noticed that the drone pilot held off hitting the suspected militant in his own home (which would have killed his family as well) and waited until he was some distance outside it until they assassinated him.

Jaffe writes, “Trump asked, “Why did you wait?’ one participant in the meeting recalled.”

The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald replied on Twitter,

Readers may remember that when Trump came into office, I warned of psychopathocracy, the rule of persons without conscience, without empathy, without the milk of human kindness, without any appreciation for the rule of law.

What Trump was asking for was the murder of children. He was actually, if the report is true, scolding the CIA for leaving the children alive rather than burned and dismembered by a rocket.

This form of government has gripped the United States with increasing ferocity during the past, succeeding, year. Some informed observers have alleged that once Trump got in, he lightened the rules of engagement for aerial bombardment in campaigns against ISIL such as Mosul,leading to massive civilian casualties and extensive destruction of civilian buildings and infrastructure. Iraq may or may not recover from this brutality.

Trump’s Secretary of the Environment has gutted regulations intended to keep Americans from being poisoned by irresponsible corporations, one after another. He lifted restrictions on Chlorpyrifos, a deadly pesticide that harms infants and children. He is making our water more dangerous and more polluted. Auto emissions standards were the latest to be savaged. Scott Pruitt is so transparently a sockpuppet of big Oil and Gas and Chemical that he actually lived in a subsidized apartment in Washington DC owned by a natural gas lobbyist for whom he did political favors! In order to create a public health crisis of this magnitude, Pruitt has to completely lack a social conscience, has to be utterly oblivious to the lives he is blighting.

That is actual sociopathy, or as I put it, psychopathocracy.


Bonus video:

Ring of Fire: “Trump Is Sad That His Drone Strikes Aren’t Killing Enough People”

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  1. Also the US bombing of Korea back to the stone age, reducing the country to ruins and the population by 1/3. Callous disregard for the lives of other for many, many years.

  2. Watching Bill Maher last night, he had on Geraldo Rivera. Rivera, while he opposes most Trump policies, was defending Trump, basically because Trump was nice to Rivera over the years. Maher was trying to get Rivera to see that how Trump charms you as an individual should be divorced from his policies and actions as President, a point Rivera wasn’t able to accept. I am astounded at this type of moral blindness. Trump shows once again how he is a psychopath and should be condemned by anyone with an ounce of moral fiber. Hurry up Robert Mueller.

    • I’m no fan of Geraldo and he cut a mighty pathetic figure in the interview I thought. Personally I watch Bill Maher for some of his guests, but not Maher himself. He is a misogynist and a notorious hater of Islam, as well as being generally deeply ignorant of religion and himself morally challenged.

      I took deep offense this week at his pushback against David Hogg’s take-down of Laura Ingrahm: here is a young person, the whole of 17 years old, who has just gone through a recent and horrific trauma, had the courage to speak out about it, and his biggest take away is that Hogg is illiberal because he advocates a boycott of Ingrahm’s advertisers? And this is horrible because left-wing students are so illiberal? Maher completely erased the emotional and political context (and moment) in which Hogg’s criticism and call to boycott took place.

      Bill Maher is not smart, getting less and less funny by the day, and provides background noise for some ugly behavior in this country. He gives bigots a platform (and that is where I draw the line at watching him – if he has, say, Milo Y. or Ann Coulter as a guest I keep the tv off), and I doubt he understands that he himself is as big an offender as they are.

      Smacking down a traumatized 17 year old in favor of a mercenary Fox News pundit. Good grief. It’s not just Trump and the right that can be mean-spirited.

  3. He did say during the campaign that “you have to go after the families of the terrorists.” And he clearly sees no value in the lives of Middle Eastern people. And, as you point out, not much in the lives of Americans who don’t spend their lives in air-conditioned buildings.

    “Psychopathocracy” is a good term. I just go with “kakistocracy.”

  4. The American electorate elected him to office. However, he inflicts his craziness on the whole world.

    Trump is all about himself and that is it. He is as good as the last person who complimented him. The American public voted him into office. Now they can live with it and the rest may die because of it. the man clearly needs to go.

  5. Most individuals’ spheres of involvement, interest even, are fairly confined, like a beam of light with an area in full focus and everything else dimly outside it. Broad interest in a comment like that, and much else Trump says, is minimal. One thing US and Israeli leaders are forever rabbiting on about is their shared values and in this case a bit of your psychopathocracy would seem to be one.

  6. At least Trump spoke up about the recent gas attack in Syria. However, he, like most other people truthfully, probably takes issue with the actual fatal gas used by the regime, rather than the deaths of civilians.

    Trump having no issue to kill off alleged terrorists’ children won’t be seen as anything immoral, and instead a virtue, in the eyes of the twisted far right-wing Republican God-fearing Christian fundamentalists who love Trump’s psychopathocracy and don’t seem to mind even the ‘stormy’ issues that come with it. Most probably secretly wish they were him.

    link to
    “Inside the White House Bible Study group”

    No surprise US secularism is also being casually undermined along with democracy, rule of law, human rights etc.

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