Ryan steps down, with Lifetime dream of transferring Trillions from People to Super-Rich Fulfilled

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Having successfully rammed through tax legislation that massively rewards America’s billionaires—including his long-time patrons Charles and David Koch—and sets the stage for his ultimate goal of obliterating the safety net, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) is reportedly set to tell his staff on Wednesday that he will not run for reelection in 2018.

First reported by Jonathan Swan of Axios and confirmed by numerous other outlets, the news comes after rumors had been swirling for months about Ryan’s possible retirement from Congress. It also comes as a popular progressive candidate—Randy Bryce, aka “The Iron Stache”—is quickly gaining steam, outraising the corporate-funded Ryan by nearly $2 million in the first three months of 2018.

“House Republicans were already in very tough spot for midterms, with many endangered members and the good chance that Democrats will win the majority,” Swan noted in his report on Wednesday. “Friends say that after Ryan passed tax reform, his longtime dream, he was ready to step out of a job that has become endlessly frustrating, in part because of President Trump.”

In his last tweet before reports emerged that he is retiring from Congress, Ryan celebrated President Donald Trump’s executive order on Wednesday that calls for more punitive work requirements for recipients of Medicaid, food stamps, and public housing assistance—an plan Republicans have celebrated as “Welfare Reform 2.0.”

Reacting to the new reports on Wednesday, The Nation‘s John Nichols argued that Ryan’s retirement “would be a devastating blow for congressional Republicans.”

“Ryan would not merely be giving up on his own profound ambitions, he would be giving up on the notion that the party he’s devoted his career to remains functional,” Nichols concluded.

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  1. Yet another elder-hating psychopath allowed to skulk away, unscathed.

    He did not kill Social Security and turn the funds over to the 1% – so, in that, Paul Ryan is a push-grannie-down-the-stairs FAILURE.

    • The oligarchy always cycles through ever-worse new ideologues to carry out ever more barbaric agendas. That’s how we got from Newt Gingrich to Donald Trump, from Rush Limbaugh to Alex Jones, from the militia psychos being on the fringes of society to being White House strategists.

      • super – The heroic faux attitude of “every person for themselves” in Ryan’s government-less America only applies to those with substantial disposable income and NOT normal working citizens.

        Disguising himself as a “fiscal genius” who reeked of normalcy, Paul Ryan hoodwinked our country by acting as the leading agent for the 1% with the “Act to Provide for Reconciliation Pursuant to Titles II and V of the Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2018,” aka “The Trump/GOP Tax Bill,” which helps those individuals who are so wealthy they need no help – Ryan’s ideal “every person for themselves,” at the eventual expense of every taxpayer but those of the 1%.

        It is not the “the militia psychos being on the fringes of society to being White House strategists” to be wary but hypocrites who reek of normalcy close to the reins of power. The real on-going threat.

  2. What is truly funny about all of this is, that he himself is not one of the oligarchs. it is always interesting to me that people like Paul Ryan go out of their way to protect and provide for the financial elite. he himself may be tossed a few crusts, so he is made to feel he is part of the “circle”, but really, he isn’t and never will be. Perhaps he thinks this is the way his ‘god’ would like it to be, the rich getting richer and the poor becoming poorer.

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