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148 Responses

  1. Your careful, persistent writing is a model for me of how an academic can do work with intellectual integrity and that really matters. I may not always agree with you, but I am always grateful to you.

  2. Like clockwork and as necessary as my daily vitamins, Informed Comment arrives in my inbox at 4:30 pm EST.

  3. It means a lot to me to be able to support someone who reveals, with such integrity, what all of our society should be wanting to know.

  4. Informed Comment is reasoned, lucid, and concise–the touchstone in my opinion.

  5. First year I’m able to donate, couldn’t think of a worthier website to support. I’ve been a follower since I saw you speak at Auburn University a few years back.

  6. I am very impressed with the new format. The content has always been great. Now it is easier to find.

  7. PLEASE don’t waste money on graphics and bells and whistles like so many sites do. and don’t hire a big staff and start running ads.

  8. Keep up this important work! I learn so much everyday from this great source of independent news and opinion. Aside from Middle-east and energy topics, I love the Omar Khayyám poetry translations!

  9. Thank you for your important work on Informed Comment. Actually, although I liked the old format, this new one is starting to grow on me. It’s good to be able to see all the different articles at once.

  10. I’ve been a faithful reader since Bush/Cheney started drumming up war in 2002. I especially appreciate the fine articles on global climate change, which will soon dwarf all the other world’s problems.

  11. Small point – with the new format the left margin is hard against side and makes it more difficult to read. (Maybe a Safari issue? no sure.)

  12. The name, Informed Comment, says it all – it is my daily ‘must read’ for information on the Middle East. As a former academic, I am amazed that you find the time to contribute so much outside your ‘day job’. And as a former student of languages, I am in awe at your expertise in so many languages. Yes, I like the new format. Thank you very much, and best wishes for 2015.

  13. Thanks for being there, among my most trusted sources. Indeed, you remain one unimpeachable source on ME affairs. I just wish we could go ahead and clone you and march all those clones to take over FSN (and all the others, of course). Oh, well.

  14. Thanks, Juan. Your efforts are an indispensable part of our keeping up with the world. Happy to renew, and increase, my contribution to the site.

  15. Juan,
    Thanks for your long hours of work. Amidst so much trivial and thoughtless media commentary, your site is an oasis!

  16. I have read your insights almost daily for at least 6 years. You keep me well informed and also thinking about these issues from a different perspective. Thank you!

  17. On both sides of the Atlantic, in the current political landscape, truth is not merely misrepresented or falsified; it is overtly mocked and rarely fashionable.

    Big thank you for revealing truth.

  18. Professor, thank you for all your great work. Your blog is a must read for me every day and is one of the few truthful and informed writings on Middle East affairs. Many thanks.

  19. I really enjoyed this article, Juan
    link to
    Following Israel’s despicable behaviour on the international stage how could any reasoning and humanitarian soul feel anything but hope for the decline and disappearance of neoZionism.

  20. Juan, lately as I find myself moved to express my unhappiness with events in “the holy land” I find myself drawn to your blog and reposting your articles. You bring an honest and well informed perspective to the discussion.

  21. As a college professor for a long time I have admired the clarity, intelligence, honesty, integrity and ethics of Juan Cole and his writings. One wishes that people who guide this nation (and by implication the rest of the world) would borrow some of what this man has to offer, which they lack scandalously.

  22. I lived and taught for several years in Jordan and spent my “down time” in Palestine. I loved the place and the people and I wish you would comment more on that area.

  23. Best wishes for your continued good health and for keeping faith that there are people who want to know…everything that’s important. Thanks for all you do for us. cdk

  24. Adding my thanks to those of many others. Your work continually demonstrates how rigorous scholarship can underpin thoughtful, accessible, and invaluable commentary.

  25. Adding my thanks to those of many others. Your work continually demonstrates how rigorous scholarship can underpin thoughtful, accessible, and essential commentary.

  26. I don’t think academics here in the UK face half the problems you do in trying to get the message out re the Middle East. So, as the ever-popular wartime slogan put it: “Keep calm and carry on!”

  27. You don’t always get it right professor but most of the time you are pretty good and a nice antidote the the junk we get from the media in general

  28. When I read this quote from an interview with Bertrand Russell, I thought of Juan Cole’s efforts:

    “BBC: (March 4, 1959)

    One last question: Suppose, Lord Russell, this film were to be looked at by our descendants like a Dead Sea scroll in a thousand years’ time. What would you think it’s worth telling that generation about the life you’ve lived and the lessons you’ve learned from it?

    Bertrand Russell:

    I should like to say two things, one intellectual and one moral.

    The intellectual thing I should want to say to them is this: When you are studying any matter or considering any philosophy, ask yourself only, “What are the facts, and what is the truth that the facts bear out?” Never let yourself be diverted, either by what you wish to believe, or by what you think would have beneficent social effects if it were believed. But look only and solely at what are the facts. That is the intellectual thing that I should wish to say.

    The moral thing I should wish to say to them is very simple. I should say, “Love is wise; hatred is foolish.” In this world, which is getting more and more closely interconnected, we have to learn to tolerate each other. We have to learn to put up with the fact that some people say things that we don’t like. We can only live together in that way. And if we are to live together, and not die together, we must learn a kind of charity and a kind of tolerance, which is absolutely vital to the continuation of human life on this planet.”

    I am glad to have chipped in a few bucks to keep the facts rolling.

  29. Many thanks for your ongoing and insightful work, Juan. You’re a vital source of information we don’t get elsewhere, Glad to offer a donation to help your efforts for this year…

  30. I am on my own jahid-of-sorts!
    The “conservative” Israelis, with the staunch and unwavering support of the USA military power and finances , is Hell bent upon implementing their “Greater Israel Plan” (see Google for details) which both the United States and world’s media refuse to address … and even mention. Why are you, Mr. Cole, also ignoring this Middle Eastern hegemony and cancer that is growing exactly in the area in which your expertise is centered?

  31. Am late to this party, but better late than…….

    So glad to find this site. I appreciate your work here..since rational thought seems uncommon these days… and happy to send some support.

  32. Keep up the great work Professor Cole! Thank you for standing up for the Palestinians in the face of institutional oppression.

  33. Thank you Juan for all that do and the information you provide. The entries and articles are invaluable to many of my friends and relations. Please continue your good work!

  34. Thanks for your careful research and consideration of complex issues ignored by the mass media. The website presents a good range of such articles by others, and the comments are always interesting as well.

  35. I am a history major from a small state school in northern Minnesota and I now teach English on the North Slope of Alaska. I am very happy to have found your site and consider it essential reading. Your writing is clear, concise, readable, and helps makes sense out of currents events, especially issues that may involve the Middle East, Islam, and any number of other issues. I do appreciate your voice and am happy to donate a small amount to help keep your voice of reason strong. Plus I am trying to improve my writing a bit by emulating your style.

  36. I support your because of what you write and how you think. My words cannot express the extent of my gratitude for this daily injection into my life of the outpourings of a man who knows and cares.

  37. It’s so refreshing to read rational online views on what’s happening in the world especially when mainstream media tends to favor bubble gum hype.

  38. With three kids to feed I usually keep my wallet shut, but given the current level of US Islamophobia your voice of reason is more important than ever.

  39. Day in, day out, month after month, you bring solid, knowledgeable commentary, Juan. My first read every morning. Thanks!

  40. Always the most accurate and insightful information on US Foreign Affairs and the Arab world. Thanks for all you do Juan.

  41. Been a fan since my son attended your class in AA. Always refreshing to listen to that increasingly rare voice of reason in a sea of confusion. May the force be with you Professor!

  42. My go to blog every day, and intelligent discussion for middle east issues. Used to live in Oman, so that neck of the woods has a special place in my heart. Thank you so much.

  43. I have found myself using this site more and more often to make some sense out of current issues, so I figured I should pony up. Thank you!

  44. Best of luck in the new year Mr. Cole, keep up the good fight. I just want to mention that I found your website during the second US invasion of Iraq through an Iraqi blogger by the name of riverbend, she had a link to your web page….she put a human face on the war and it’s aftermath for me. I have been reading your page ever since.

  45. Like others sometimes I wonder if you are right but then again I think of others who are on a mission to tell lies. I have learned to live in a world of lies and deceit.
    Anyway I truly appreciate the good work you do despite your academic activities. As a Muslim physician I especially value your honest outlook.
    Best Regards,
    Ahsan K

  46. I count on you every day for thoughtful and well-articulated insights into issues that are important to me. I also like the additional articles your site includes in the right side column.

  47. Finally got to be able to be able to make a contribution!
    Please go on to make your website and especially the content, bigger and better. Holiday greetings from all of us here in the West.

  48. As a Republican I find our preference for uninformed comment, rabid intolerance, and self-serving escapism far more satisfying than your commitment to facts and critical analysis. Whether you are discussing the nuclear deal with Iran, political events in the Arab world, or Israeli abuse and displacement of Palestinians you have the annoying habit of dealing with the Middle East as it is, not as apologists for ignorance and arrogance wish it to be. Therefore I make this contribution in the hope you will take up golf or a seminar on how to get rich through real estate; please stop with your perverse insistence on inconvenient truths and awkward realities. My party finds your position abhorrent and a challenge to our fantasies.

  49. Juan, you are a valuable and a deeply insightful voice fur reason, decency, civility and a critical source for understanding the middle East and modern America..

  50. gave a small amount, hoping it will all add up to a lot. if you need more at the end of your season, post the appeal and i will re-contribute. i rely on you for the wonderful posts.

  51. Truth, crushed to earth, shall rise again;
    The eternal years of God are hers;
    But Error, wounded, writhes with pain,
    And dies among his worshippers.

    (William Cullen Bryant from his poem…The Battle-Field)

  52. Thank God for an alternative voice professor. Heaven only knows what the MSM got away with before the advent of the internet. I know you are an alternative energy supporter so I thought you might like to know that Jaguar are bringing out an electric car in 2018 and its quite something. It does 310 miles per full charge. Has a rapid full charge of two hours with 90 minutes for an 80% charge. Has a top speed of an incredible 200 MPH and goes 0 to 60 in four seconds for those who are interested in this sort of thing. Obviously the interior has the high spec one would expect from Jaguar together with a huge trunk. There’s lots more to read but no doubt if you are interested you can look it up for yourself. The down side its very expensive. £60,000 in UK money. The science of the electric car doesn’t have to go much further to make it a real alternative to the combustion engine. Anyway, good luck and a happy new year. I know my donation is small but every little helps

  53. Sent you a donation. Reposted the appeal on my Facebook page. Hope others will do the same. Good analyses of the ME have always been in short supply. Keep up your excellent work and service. Thanks!!

  54. I use the newsletters in my course on the Modern Middle East. Thank you for your service to fairness and to intelligence in grappling with the issues. My kids have signed up as well. Thank you again.

  55. A bit tapped out, financially and emotionally, after the…ummm….”election” but donated what I could. Love reading your take on things and look forward to viewing again, after I heal.

  56. I first learned of your writings from my late father, who passed away last year. He often talked about your articles and thought very highly of your viewpoints, as I now do, as well. It is my honor to make this contribution to your work. Thank you, and I look forward to reading your translation of Spirit Brides.

  57. I have been a regular reader for a while but was really inspired to donate by your no holds barred piece on Rupert, a blight on our lives here in the UK.

  58. Finally got it sorted, Juan.
    Been a fan since 2003.
    Already knew your reputation as a scholar from my own time doing Islam at uni – Rels Dept. (Canterbury NZ) with another US professor – Bill Shepard. Still learn heaps here.

  59. Hi and my husband and I read your column daily, also learn a lot from the links. It’s good to have you voicing what the execrable lapdog media avoids or skews beyond reality–regarding what’s happening mostly in the Middle East, plus climate, plus etc…
    (In fact, we wonder if you have been cloned, or possibly have 14 graduate students working around the clock to cover what you do… )
    Blessings, thanks.

  60. In the confusion and turmoils of our agitated world we need not only Informed, but Soulful commentary that stirs our principled and rebellious hearts from their sad slumber. Thank you for helping me in this daily endeavor.

  61. I too once thought that Juan had an army of well trained grad students to research and fact check, maybe even post for him. After all, he’s got a full time job, and then some. Be reassured. He does it all himself. I mean all. And somehow remains good humored. Cheers! Terry Burke

  62. Dear Professor Cole,
    I cannot imagine what we would do without you in Trump age of Ignorance. I’ve never suffered insomnia before. I wonder how he can live with himself.
    Ahsan K. Bajwa, M.D.

  63. Dr. Cole,
    I very much appreciate your excellent posts.
    I just made a small donation to support your website.
    I wish it could be more.
    thanks for all you do!

  64. Hey Prof. Juan –
    Just sent you $ 300 – keep up the great work !!
    I liked you Le Pen essay today, as well as all the interesting comments from your readers.
    AJ Oliver

  65. Just sent you a few euros, in dollars. Couldn’t manage it at annual fundraising time but the need to support informed journalism was never far from my mind. Happy to see your stuff being picked up by other on-line news and blogs.

  66. I first met you at a private Iraq conference in 2005 sponsored by one of our government agencies. There were many so-called experts in the room discussing Iraq issues, but you impressed me as the one with much more depth than the others. One or two of the others in attendance had strong hawkish views that they formulated from their nice air conditioned offices inside the beltway. I had just returned from 17 months in Iraq as a civilian oil expert and would return to Iraq in 2006 for another 5 years as a civilian oil expert contracted to the Corps of Engineers/DOD. It was obvious to me at the time that you were much closer to reality than those with views opposed to yours. I recently subscribed to your Blog and continue to be impressed with the depth of your observations. Well done! I just sent you a check – I hope this helps to confirm my convictions.

  67. Great post today (July 31, 2017) regarding the Saudis inviting al-Sadr to meet. Thanks for providing news and info that MSM can’t/won’t.

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