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Anar Green

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  • Changing Iran's Nuclear Calculation with Green Energy: Buonomo
    • Here's hoping!
      I'd like to add two points, though.

      1. Why is Iran's reason for wanting nuclear power "ostensible" or "purported"? If you're a taxi driver, you're not going to burn your car in order to heat up your house! Similarly, Iran sells oil to earn income; when the West is prepared to purchase Iran's generated nuclear energy, then I am sure that Iran will be happy to burn its oil as an energy source for itself. And electricity blackouts plague the country, especially outside Tehran.

      2. The nuclear angle is largely a straw man. This is about dominance. The Left has not learnt from the WMD debacle ("No war for oil"? You're kidding yourself.) It keeps debating, and offering solutions to, a decoy!
      Such a war will start because the Left is afraid to face the cause of the last one.

  • Israeli PM Netanyahu attacks Gen. Dempsey as Servant of Iran
    • I'm sure somebody in that room said, "They wouldn't pick on a baby-faced war hero, would they? ... _Would_ they?" And then Panetta said, "I'm not gonna go out there again; they're gonna call me a flip-flopper!"

    • Saw it coming! As soon as I heard Dempsey saying so (The Real News interview with Max Blumenthal), I expected an assault on him.
      I wondered if he was selected to take the hit. The Obama admin is trying to drop hints on both sides (as IIRC Gareth Porter was suggesting): Panetta says one thing one day, pleasing Israel; then another the next, p-ssing them off -- ditto with the rest of the lot. So I wondered if Dempsey pulled the short straw for dropping this Israel-angering cue.

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