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  • Iran Alleges Saudi Plot Story is MEK Sting
    • If Gholam Shakuri is a member of MEK and has been traveling in the US (Washington) - then I want to know where he went, whom he met, when he arrived and left, EVERYTHING

      If this is an Israeli Lobby or Israeli 'False Flag Operation' I want it EXPOSED. The Israeli Lobby/Neocons have been tryng to use this as a causus belli - I want them EXPOSED

    • It looks like Israel, her Neocons, and her Israeli Lobby have just been exposed for trying to run a 'False Flag Operation' against Iran (as well as the US) for the benefit of the Israelis

      This is similar to what Israel and her Neocons did when they pulled off the false flag operation against the US that got us into the Iraq War using the Neocon's 'Curveball' and the Neocon's 'Yellowcake Uranium Fraud' which they used to lie us into Iraq, using Feith's Office of Special (Mossad) Plans

      How can we chase this MEK Gholam Shakuri to ground?

      Can someone please hire Blackwater to go check out Camp Ashraf and catch him and rendition him somewhere where we can get a confession that he conspired with Avigdor Lieberman and Max Boot to run a 'False Flag Operation' against Iran?

      There's a Pulitzer in it for Seymour Hersch or any other investigative journalist who wants to report this historic story.

      It was Michael Ledeen and the 'Italian Intelligence'/Mossad that created the whole Niger Uranium Forgery False Flag Operation that they stovepiped thru Feith's Office of Special Plans to commit America to the warcrime of invading Iraq for Israel - why can't we EXPOSE the Israeli Lobby and Israel for this operation?

      Is it possible that this 'False Flag Operation' can be TURNED and used to stop what will almost certainly be an Israeli/and or US attack on Iran?

      How is it possible to make sure this Israeli Plot is TURNED around and used to publically indict the Israelis and the Israeli Lobby?

  • An Israeli Attack on Iran would reduce Barack Obama to a One-Term President
    • The Neocons and Israel Lobby are functioning essentially as a mafia - their current interest being to gin up any way possible to push the US into a war with Iran that will yield strategic benefits and payoff for Israel. has a good article describing this current Neocon tactic being used by Goldberg as nothing short of blackmail

      Israel and her Israel Lobby including Goldberg, are trying to blackmail us into this crazy confrontation with Iran.

      Israel is blackmailing the US into a strategic disaster that will eclipse the strategic disaster Goldberg and the rest Israel's neocons and lobby manipulated us into with the war in Iraq

      Is it a friend or enemy that would push America into a meaningless fight that will destroy the crippled US economy and constitute a warcrime? Is that a friend or enemy that would do that?

      The answer is that the Neocons and the Lobby are enemies of the US, not friends. That we are being controlled by an enemy state, thru the Neocon/Lobby coup that has seized control of our politics, media, and Congress, is a disaster beyond all reckoning for the US. That we have not overthrown this coup but rather accept and carry out it's demands and blackmail is a catastrophe

      There is no reason on earth for the US to attack Iran to assauge or benefit the Israelis, this Israeli Lobby Mafia who controls the Congress, or for America

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