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  • Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others
    • Good job at bringing a sober counterpoint to the post. But I still think the broader point of the post if valid (as you imply from your support of point 3.)

      We need to reduce the level of hype that mainstream media creates to convince Americans that the many small acts of Muslim violence are part of a broad, organized threat emanating from the Muslim world as a whole against the U.S.

      And we need to increase the level of coordination in connecting the dots and challenging domestic political violence against the public. We should be using part of the Homeland Security budget (etc.) to prevent, investigate, and adjudicate "white terrorism."

    • Great point about the drones.

    • I've said this all along...this is a great example. If the threat is so ubiquitous, we would have seen many, many more attacks by Muslims before and after 9/11. You would not need a conspiracy or an airport if you were a Muslim 'terrorist'. There are so many undefended weak points on public transportation, at landmarks, etc.

      The numbers alone prove that 'white terrorism' is currently a MUCH greater danger within the US than 'Muslim terrorism.'

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