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  • Energy Committee Chairman Candidate Says God Promised no More Catastrophic Climate Change after Noah
    • Oops...I meant "alternative."

    • The problem with plastics and other synthetics is that they don't decompose. Unless we recycle, these items with a shelf-life of a kazzilion years will continue to pile up and pollute. As for nuclear power...what to do with the waste? There has got to be a better alteernative.

    • Religion was originally intended for personal enlightenment, then quickly became a vehicle for judging and manipulating and controlling everyone else, and Christianity is as guilty of this as any other religion, including Islam.

    • Oops..."Holocaust"

    • This guy deosn't know what he's talking about. God never said he wouldn't destroy the world again. After the flood, he said he would never destroy the world with another flood. But, the New Testament clearly states in many places that the world will be destroyed, including the statement "The elements shall melt with fervent heat," which has been interpreted by some to refer to nuclear holocost, but, now, it can also mean global warming, which makes fools of the deniers, and is the reason they'll never recite that verse in the context of global warming. LOL
      Personally, I'm not a biblical literalist, I just hate when people misquote the Bible to support their ignorance...revealing their ignorance of the Bible, too. LOL

  • Repubs Plot Israel-Iran Apocalypse and the Collapse of the US Economy
    • I believe the reason Americans have tolerated the insidious immorality of its leaders is because Americans don't know what true morality is. We've been conditioned by our sad Christian Fundamentalist legacy to judge morality in the most superficial terms, such as drinking, swearing, using tobacco, and other recreational choices, while ignoring the goal of morality, which is "love thy neighbor"..."judge not, lest ye be judged"..."turn the other cheek"..."love thy enemies and pray for those who spitefully use you"...and "do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
      Go into any Fundamentalist church service and if you hear love, forgiveness and tolerance of others preached, I'll show you Elvis Presley, alive and well.
      Unfortunately, this is the pathetic state of "morality" in America, and it's no wonder we tolerate the abuses of the rich and powerful. By some twisted logic, war and the misuse of power and the abuses of the rich against the poor don't make it into the Christian moral crosshairs, even though the most common recipients of Jesus' anger were the rich, the powerful and the religious. Go figure?!

    • Why does this not surprise me?! What else can we expect from a nation(America) who's foreign policy is based on religious documents over 2000 years old?
      What does it say about a nation---in the 21st century, no less---for its domestic and foreign policy to be guided by religious superstition? This is not only appalling ...and dangerous, it's embarrassing. Now I can see why Communist nations have no tolerance for religion...because it results in insanity like this!
      I don't begrudge anyone their religion, but, it has no place in public policy...foreign or domestic.
      Like I always say, if you don't want government in your religion, keep your religion out of government.

    • Agreed!
      Furthermore, any nations(including my own) on such a self-destructive trajectory because of their own machinations, deserves and needs this to happen to them and they get no sympathy from me.

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