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  • Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others
    • Michael Moore himself acknowledged in Bowling For Columbine that Canada has plenty of firearms but few shootings, and considered the problem in the US to be attitude towards one's fellow humans rather than firearms ownership.

      The Second Amendment isn't to protect against tyranny (where does it say that?) but to ensure that a large proportion of the population knows how to shoot and take care of a gun in case those skills are needed by the authorities. Anyone claiming otherwise needs to learn to read.

      The day that the NRA promotes racism, religious hatred, or xenophobia is the day that you can blame them for killings like Columbine or the Dark Knight Rises shooter.

    • The NRA are no more responsible for gun-related crime than the Cyclists' Touring Club are for cycling crime (jumping red lights, not signalling, not carrying lights at night). The org is not responsible for its members actions unless the org encouraged those actions.

    • The lack of association with NRA would be because the NRA don't say "go shoot a bunch of people", whereas Al-Qaeda spent considerable time planning and executing their various attacks over the years. The NRA are hence not accountable for attacks by their members: Al-Qaeda are.

    • The differences are that the NRA as an organisation doesn't advocate blowing up buildings or shooting unarmed innocent people and exists to defend rights granted by of the Constitution (a secular, legal document). Terrorist orgs do advocate and carry out attacks on unarmed civilians and property and are not upholding rights granted by a secular legal document.

    • NRA is not a terrorist org. Misguided, but not terrorist.

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