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Dana Blankenhorn

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  • Khamenei Takes Control, Forbids Nuclear Bomb
  • Mark Twain on Education
    • Very cool that you used the young Twain, the go-getter and after-dinner speaker, rather than the old Twain we usually see. Notice how askew the bow tie is. There's a joke inside that head, a sense of fun.

      Which is at the heart of the educable mind. Otherwise why would so many of your undergrads go to basketball games in body paint?

  • How the FCC can take the Money out of Politics- Cole at Truthdig
    • We faced the same sort of thing at the turn of the 20th century. Corporate domination of politics, a few rich men running the show.

      Somehow, we got through it. Somehow, we got reform. Somehow, our grandfathers and grandmothers ignored the blandishments of a far more directly-corrupt system and voted for honest government.

      We can too. Money isn't everything.

  • Ayatollah Santorum Excommunicates Obama, Mainstream Protestants
    • Since Prof. Cole has been courageous in so many ways (including with this post) let me say something that opponents will call outrageous but needs to be said.

      The Bishops aren't just interested in controlling women's bodies. They want to control everyone's bodies. Including those of young boys.

      I was deeply offended by now-Cardinal Dolan's sanctimony in the face of the scandal, basically claiming "everyone does it" so attacking the church in particular is out-of-bounds.

      It's not out of bounds.

      It's all about control. It's always about control. Doesn't matter whether the zealot comes from a Christian, Muslim, Jewish or even Hindu or Mormom tradition, their goal is the same. To control the bodies of everyone else, to make people do as they say regardless of what they themselves do.

      Religious zealotry, no matter where it comes from, makes itself an enemy of free will.

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