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David Seaton

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  • Misrata Reprieved
    • Juan,
      It looks like Qaddafi only pulled out his troops and left the town to the "tribes"... nominally civilians under the UN resolution, but loyal to him, to do the fighting. I'm sorry, but I think this whole Libyan business is a farce... it has got "mission creep" written all over it and when and if (big if) Qaddafi or his boys ever leave "we" will be left holding a bag whose contents are unknown.

  • Egypt: I ask Myself Why
    • Interesting question:

      If the Muslim Brotherhood is supposed to be such a radical party Then why is it a) the first major opposition party to begin negotiations with the government; and b) why is the MB rebuking Iran’s ruling ayatollah Ali Khamenei for saying the street revolution is Islamic, insisting instead that it is national?

      The answer (IMHO):
      Because they are very smart. They are the ones that have a real street organization and whose "street cred" is unquestionable, they are the ones that have their members in prison by the dozens (hundreds? thousands?). Mubarak, his oligarchy and the USA are desperate to have somebody to talk to give them some legitimacy or even time to get their money out of the country... in exchange they are going to have to let the Brotherhood's people out of jail and allow them to organize above ground... As to Iran. the last thing the Brothers need now is the "apostolic blessing" of Ali Khamenei, because the have just conquered Egypt's center with their "generous offer".

  • Wikileaks and the New McCarthyism: Maybe we Just Need a More Open Government
    • Good post Juan. My own theory is that Chinese intelligence is behind all of this... just to see how much we like some of our own medicine... a "(fill in the color) revolution" for the USA.

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