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Dr. Amy L. Beam

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  • Everybody Leaks in Washington: What the Bradley Manning Trial Tells us about a Broken System (Schanzer)
    • To read about the Phoenix Program of prisoner torture in Vietnam visit my blog at at link to

    • Hello! Hello! Hello! Are you listening? Why do you refuse to even whisper that Manning disclosed military, political and war crimes of a gargantuan proportion?

    • On the point of "ranting," I want to point out that it is an historical and cultural reality that women are quite used to: when we state a truth quietly, repeatedly, ad naseum people do not pay much attention. When we go into hysterics some man usually says, "Oh, I didn't know you felt like that. Why didn't you tell me?" Women are rather tired of having to get "hysterical" to be taken seriously.

      Once again, attacking my style of stating facts as a trantrum is just one more way to derail the conversationn from examining the true issue of military war crimes and corporate corruption. As for who is shameful, for PROFESSOR Schanzer to describe the relationship between government and MSM as a "gentlemen's agreement" now that's shameful.

    • My short answer to this slick piece of baloney by David Schanzer is "where's the barf bag?" ...

      Americans have been lied to and cheated so the rich can get richer off perpetual wars. America has created State Terrorism and is turning the entire world against it.

      Bradley Manning LOVES his country and has sacrificed his life to save it from the war criminals. He should be released and charges of aiding the enemy should be dropped. It's an insult to assume that he "must" serve time in prison for his "crimes," as if this fact is not up for debate.

      Schanzer's premise is that law, even very bad law, takes precedence over justice. It is the old Billy Budd argument. Billy stopped a mutiny at sea, saved everyone's life on the ship, but the military still hanged him for breaking procedures. Issues of right and wrong, life and death did not enter into the equation. Procedures ruled. That's what lawyers know best and they use it to subvert justice.

      Will the government get around to letting Manning's attorneys argue in defense of higher oaths to report war crimes? That's the real issue here and Schanzer does not even breathe one word about it.

      Instead he insults the informed readers with more mockery, referring to the bought-and-paid-for mainstream media as a "gentlemen's agreement" with government leakers. He talks about the lovely "d├ętente between the government and the media." Detente?

      Murdoch and the Pentagon script the lies that Americans are to swallow so they can build public support for war, big bankers, big pharma and CEO salaries in excess of 20 million per year. This is the stream of lies that Schanzer calls a "gentleman's agreement." Canada has a law against broadcasting lies on TV which is why it refused to allow FOX TV to broadcast in Canada. MSM in America is not performing any job other than to keep the public uninformed so the criminals can commit crimes without interference.

      Schanzer misleads readers by stating "there were multiple legal avenues available to him [Manning] to register those concerns." Did Schanzer ever both to READ how many times Manning tried to report the crimes he saw through military procedures? He was repeatedly rebuffed and told to drop it.

      Schanzer's argument that "The key source of the problem is over-classification" again avoids the real issue which is that criminals in the top echelons of the military, multinationals, banks, and government are committing extraordinary crimes as a matter of daily policy. Obama's "forward looking" policy not to prosecute corporate, government, and military criminal behavior is the problem.

      The US no longer functions as a democracy. Secrecy is the weapon of totalitarian dictators. War crimes and corporate criminal behavior must be exposed and prosecuted. THAT is the core issue.

      The obscene US military policy of torture and abuse did not just start in Iraq. Go read about the US government's Phoenix Program in Vietnam, but then, perhaps Schanzer isn't old enough to remember. He should study his history.

      Bradley Manning is a world hero and should be freed. Then let the real war crimes be prosecuted. If the US won't do it, maybe Europe will.

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