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  • Muslims are no Different, or why Bill Maher's blood libel is Bigotry
    • That IS an interesting point, but of course Israel has never made any pretence that separate meant equal in any sense. You need look no further than the per student expenditure on Arab v. Jewish schools, etc.

      These so called liberals think it's only fair, but that's just because they haven't given the matter a moment's serious thought. Many who support partition of Palestine would be appalled at the suggestion of partitioning, say Canada or Australia or the US into an Indigenous state and a colonist state. When push comes to shove, the reason they support partition is that they firmly believe that a Jewish ethnocracy has A Right To Exist®, while of course maintaining their in principle opposition to sectarian states in general...

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    • 'Maher is a consistent liberal and donated $1 million to the Obama campaign, so he is in odd company in targeting Muslims this way. So what explains this animus against Muslims in particular? The only thing he has in common with the Islamophobic Right is his somewhat bloodthirsty form of militant Zionism. He strongly supported the Israeli attack on helpless little Lebanon in 2006, in which the Israelis dropped a million cluster bombs on the farms of the south of that country. He talks about how the besieged Palestinians of Gaza deserve to be “nuked.” His interviews with Likudnik Israeli officials are typically fawning, unlike his combative style with other right wing guests.'

      What point are you trying to make here, Juan? Surely you can only support Obama if you favour large scale attacks on Muslims? Surely small-L 'liberals' have been virtually univocal in endorsing Israel's 2006 'war' against Lebanon and the 2008-09 attack on Gaza...?

  • Dear Mitt: *You* Don't Get to Say That
    • Juan, when you write, 'You don’t get to say that!', you omit the protasis, 'If you don't want to be a hypocrite...' But as the saying goes, 'Embarrassing a politician with accusations of hypocrisy is like embarrassing a dog with accusations that he licks his own balls!'

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