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  • The Rebellion Movement Denounces Mansour's Constitutional Principles as Dictatorial
    • REBEL, n. A proponent of a new misrule who has failed to establish it. [A.Bierce]
      Egypt lacks discourse of what is the desirable future of country, peaceful fights.

  • GE's 'Brilliant' Wind Turbines offer Cheaper Energy than Coal, Gas, & have Battery Storage
    • Renewable energy is a must. Making sense if used in decentralized, smart energy grids. Something which likely might not in GE‘s interest. Also, GE wind energy is just a tiny part of the GE multinational conglomerate.

      Sorry, Juan - this smells like greenwashing.

  • NSA says they can't reveal if they Spied on You because it would 'Help Our Enemies' (Larson)
    • Neither late KuK-monarchy writers nor beetles needed. Currently, conceiled ties between intelligence services, political class and economic sphere in Europe are not widely recognized in public.
      Our modern societies‘ crucial nervous system is the Internet. It stands to reason that this infrastructure needs to be secure and safe from threats.
      Now we let create a surveillance system which is led by a small group acting in their own interests. There is no sufficient and transparent public control nor satisfying bulk posting. This allready is and will further threaten emancipation, democratic development, power-free discurse.

      But still, WE let THEM bully the responsible, courageous ones.
      It is hard to say, because the term I want to refer is often misunderstood and often misused. But loosing a comfortable life, just the ability to walk on streets freely for giving us some bit of what is really going on - he is a damn hero!

      Dear NSA,
      *bomb; *taliban; *osama; *911; *drone; *yes_we_scan;

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