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  • Iraq has a Government: Can we Please Come Home Now?
    • Defense budget and its use is (sadly) the only
      acceptable jobs program in the US. Obama would rather make holes in someone elses country because he knows the Republicans won't let him fill holes in his own. Better that than have a few hundred thousand ex-soldiers added to the unemployment rolls.

  • Wikileaks on Israel, Iraq and the Iranian Specter
    • “Since the US is in fact withdrawing from Iraq, and will be mostly out by next year this time, we may conclude that the Israeli leadership is very nervous about Tel Aviv – Baghdad relations. ” Not clear to me who in Tel Aviv the Israeli leadership is concerned about. Meanwhile, having grown up in USA during cold war, I think the claims of Israeli exodus due to Iranian bomb are exaggerated. Exodus due to demographics, economy, corruption, theocracy, "too right", "too left". I can believe, but not "the bomb".

  • Rumsfeld, Bush and the Supreme War Crime
    • Wolfowitz, Feith, "part of the Israel Lobby" "whose obsession with Iraq derived from their right-Zionist", please! The PNAC
      lunatics are as American as apple pie. PNAC was a strategic blunder China's passing the US in this century and instead hastened
      it by decades, a double-down of catastrophic proportions. That some are also supporters of Israels right-wing (which doesn't particularly match a left-wing Israelis definition of "Zionist") does not absolve them of being an American jingoist phenomena.

  • Veiling ban in Belgium: It is all about the State
    • The state makes all sorts of rulings with respect to a womans body and/or a womans soveriegnty that are different from men. Some have to do with the states general interest in population regulation (whether the normal case, towards growth, as in state funding for viagra and state prohibitions on abortion, even in the case of rape or incest, or the opposite case where states get involved with forced sterilization, whether due to eugenics or just over-population concerns). More generally, it all has to do with patriarcal societies treatment of women as property. Supposedly, there are even states where a women can't be out and about without being in the company of a male relative!

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