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Guy Mossman

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  • Russia's not Leaving: Syria is about old-Fashioned Sphere of Influence, not Oil
    • Is it not true that:
      1) "the largest natural gas field in the world lies under the Persian Gulf and is shared by Iran and Qatar, the latter of which has forged close ties with the European Union?" - Sean Gordon, The Globe and Mail
      2)" Two weeks ago, Russia and Iran held high-level talks about deepening their energy ties?" - Sean Gordon, The Globe and Mail
      3) "Only 35% of the European Union’s gas demand is met by domestic production, with the rest imported mainly from Russia (40%), Norway (30%), Algeria (13%) and 8% from Qatar. By 2025, the EU is expected to be importing over 80% of its natural gas?" William Engdahl, The Russian Insider

      Does the argument that by 2025 Russia will want as much LNG as possible to sell to Europe? Russia helps rebuild Syria in exchange for access and control of the pipeline's development and operation. I am sure I am missing something.

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