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  • Is this Iranian the most powerful man in Iraq?
    • The commander dancing with a gun in his hand is an Iraqi Shia commander, not General Soleimani. Not that i am surprised by BBC's typical inaccuracy and reliance on rumors.

  • Ambassador Ford's Departure a Defeat for al-Assad
    • Joe, First of all, I did not denounce popular protests, I just said they are not the majority and they are almost dead now in Iran. Second of all, it is your support for Obama that is more reminiscent of Fox news ethos, not my criticism of his hypocrisy.

    • Yeah, right! Whoever tells you anything against what you expect to hear about Iran is a mouthpiece! Thumbs up for Faux News, the only valid, reliable, unbiased news network on earth!

    • Juan, you seem to have forgotten that Just before Obama sent his absurdly hypocritical New Year message to the people of Iran, in which he once again insisted stubbornly that the rapidly declining Green movement were actually the majority of the country, he had extended the sanctions on Iran and the Iranian Supreme Leader pointed this out in his Nowruz speech to the Iranian nation.Also, the meeting between Obama's representative and the Supreme Leader's sounds very strange to me as the Supreme leader would never agree with such a thing as long as US does not discard its hypocritical and hostile policies towards Iran. I think you can get the most realistic and sensible analysis and news about Iran from I am sure you know of the Leveretts.

  • Iran Alleges Saudi Plot Story is MEK Sting
    • Besides the bombings that are mentioned in the article, they have killed thousands of innocent civilian Iranians and Iraqis and fought alongside Saddam against Iran. I think the Iranian government of the time had every right to marginalize them and even execute themas as their hands were already stained with too much innocent blood.

  • Iraq Adopts Iran's Backing of Assad
    • First of all, how do you know all Iranians are Shias?!! There are Christians and Jews and Zoroastrians and Sunnis in Iran as well!!! The reason you think all Iranians are Shia is because in other arab countries non-Sunnis (Just as you mentioned yourself) are not seen as human beings or have no rights. (Like in Saudi and Bahraini dictatorships). Then, It is absurd to say that Iranians only care for Shias because SHIA Iran has been the only and the only country who has stood for the rights of SUNNI Palestinians for more than three decades now!!! Moreover, Saddam was not popular with his people in Iraq; rather, he had mercenaries and of course people from his tribe who fought for him. This does not mean popular! Saddam was very much like how Qaddafi is now.

    • you are definitely wrong about Iran being completely silent about the events in Syria. Iran has been nothing like that. I am from Iran and I see that many newspapers and new channels talk about it and Iran has even officially asked Assad to do reforms to quell his people.what we should not forget about the events in Syria is that it is of a totally different nature than the ones in Egypt, Tunisia or Lybia. Like Iran's post-2009 presidential election uprisings, here we have intense external interference, and unlike other Arab dictators, Assad is hugely popular in his country.

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