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  • Dead Children and Arrested Babies: Palestinian Life under Israeli Colonialism
    • Don't be surprised...
      - on the very rare occasions that Israeli soldiers/police are investigated for crimes against Palestinians, very few get prosecuted
      - on the very rare occasions that Israeli soldiers/police are actually prosecuted, they usually get acquitted.

      Here's just one example from 2005 where an Israeli army officer fired the entire magazine of his automatic rifle (17 shots) into a 13-year-old Palestinian girl and then said he would have done the same even if she had been 3 years old. As expected, he was acquitted on all charges by an Israeli military court:
      link to

    • Regarding Palestinian prisoners, Did You Know?

      The conviction rate for Palestinian suspects in Israeli military courts is 99.74%
      link to

      But the conviction rate for Palestinian CHILDREN in Israeli military courts is even higher at 99.88%
      link to

      However, the effective imprisonment rate for Palestinians is greater than 100% because when Israel doesn't have the evidence to convict, it simply imprisons Palestinians WITHOUT charge or trial.

      The conviction rates for Palestinians in Israeli military courts (99.74% for adults, 99.88% for children) are even higher than the manipulated electoral rates for Arab dictators. Some recent examples:
      * 99.0% approval rate in 2012 Yemeni election - link to
      * 89.4% approval rate in 2012 Syrian referendum - link to

  • Top Ten Ways President Obama has Expanded our Rights, in Rev. King's Footsteps
    • In 2008, Barack Obama promised change.
      In 2009, Barack Obama fulfilled his promise and changed.

      He changed from a liberal Democrat to a neocon neo-Republican.
      He changed from a tough principled negotiator to a weak bipartisan appeaser.
      He changed from an advocate of rule-of-law to an enabler of torture & summary executions.
      He changed from a professor of constitutional law to a sponsor of unconstitutional laws.
      He changed from a defender of government transparency to a persecutor of whistleblowers.
      He changed from a master of equal opportunity to a slave of lobby & corporate interests.
      He changed from a Nobel Peace Laureate to an interventionist War President.
      He changed from a champion of civil rights & democracy to a protector of autocratic regimes.
      He changed from a neutral & honest broker to a pseudo Israeli ambassador.
      He changed from a promising visionary statesman to a myopic reactionary leader.
      He changed from an inspirer of audacious hope to a guardian of conservatism & despair.

      Barack Obama promised change, so he changed.

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