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James Doakes

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  • Deep Sanctions on Iran are Repeating the Deadly Mistakes of Iraq (Hindawi)
    • Each situation is different. In the case of Japanese aggression against China it's as simple as giving Chinese the means to defend themselves. It has not been shown through history that politics is insane. The people running these states are not suicidal and they respond as well to threats of nuclear retaliation as anyone else does.

      The whole point of these activities is 1) energy security 2) satisfying the pro-Israeli lobby in the US. They would also like control of that oil before China gets control of it. Really there is no justification for any of this, nor was there any justification for what they did to the Iraqi people in the name of energy security. Historians will attest to this fact and will not see America in a positive light for these actions.

    • Let's see sanctions for what they are... economic terrorism. The whole point of sanctions is to terrorize the public to coerce them to make political decisions in line with those that the empire wants to see made (where is the FREEDOM in that?). To essentially have a devastating economic and psychological impact on the lives of the average citizen of the nation.

      This is America oppressing the people of Iran, while at the same time blaming the Iranian government for its oppression. Let's remember during Gulf Storm, the war planners intentionally destroyed the civilian infrastructure of the country for this very reason, to have a deep and lasting psychological and economic impact on the people of Iraq from the sanctions that the empire then put on them.

  • As Israelis Press Obama on Iran, Let's Remember they Urged Iraq War, Too

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