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Jan B.

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  • Top Ten Myths about the Libya War
    • Maybe this is just the general difference between integrity and opportunism? History of mankind proved me right and I fear the future of mankind will do the same.

      But you're right in some way: Because I reject any war wich is not waged to protect it's own borders and people against a direct (!) attack (like Israel have to protect itself all the time). War should be only the last - and unlike you if I say "last" I mean "last" - mean of policy.

    • I accidantly replied to your comment in my reply above too. Sorry for this. But you both got the same point anyway.

    • By the way: Every damn war is a defeature for peace. And NATO winnig this war by mass bombing do not prove your pretences true. Because this was to expected in any way. The time will show that you were only one fool of many.

    • I've never read something naive than this.

      1.When the western countries only intervented because of their surprsing and urgent wish of supporting democracy and human rights, why haven't they stopped the mass slaughter of protesters in Bharain too? Why do they still support authorian regimes like Saudi Arabia.

      2.It's most likely that the old dictatorship will be replaced by a another one - but with tighter bounds to the western governments.

      3.The so called rebels are more divided by tribal and ethnics differencies than by their hate of Quaddafi.

      4.Quaddafi hasn't been overthrown by a popular revolt, but by NATO bombings. That's it! Neither you or me have any idea about the tru feelings within the libyan population.

      5.Of course they did it because of the oil! Even when the relationsships were good Quaddafi was always a risk in some way because of his anti-colonial attitude.

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