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Jerry E. Stephens

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  • Omar Khayyam (117)
    • Jerry E. Stephens 04/18/2012 at 8:39 am

      What a wonderful thought to start the workday with. That "passionate love" might be for a person or the work we do. But how dreary life might be without such a commitment. Thank you for the continuing Omar Khayyam snippets. They're a delight to read.

  • Helman: The Palestinians Seek UN Recognition
    • Jerry E. Stephens 09/14/2011 at 9:12 am

      I'm really coming from a position of real ignorance. But the question of taxation and the receipt by the PA of tax revenues seems odd to me. How is it that Israel is in a position of controlling the receipt of tax revenues by the PA? Along with ultimate political authority over a specified piece of land it does seem that the question of state revenues is significant to any definition of Palestinian statehood.

  • 10 Ways Arab Democracies Can Avoid American Mistakes
    • Hard to disagree with that list. They're still ideals that we could accomplish. But it would take real effort. I particularly like the suggestion of weekend voting, but our tradition may be too entrenched to make that change. One quick possibility: let's automatically register young people when they turn 18. Let's make it a default to automatically register them to vote. We've just done it with automatic enrollment into employer provided pension plans. The rule was that you had to opt into a pension plan. Now you have to take the steps to opt out. That seems to have successfully increased the number of pension plan members. Couldn't we accomplish the same with voter registration if you have to take steps to negate an automatic registration to vote.

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