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Jim R

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  • An Open Letter to the Left on Libya
    • I agree Furious. How does targeting Gaddafi help the Libyan people. Every life is precious.

    • "...wonder if simply not f*cking with the rest of the world might do wonders for them and allow us to take care of our own home at the same time."

      How's this worked out in the past Hal? Did you fail to get History classes for lack of teachers?

      We live in a global community whether we like it or not. Mafia and murderers must be stopped and brought to justice. If it takes imperialists to do it, fine. Socialist seem to have a problem doing anything, since Stalin.

    • You're smarter that this ISH.

    • "..anyone who doesn’t view all American military operations with cynicism hasn’t analysed the last 150 years of US military history."

      Damn straight Waldo. Screw all that collateral freedom people got in the USSR, S Korea, Europe, Iraq, etc, etc, while the Imperialist Capitalist bastard were trying to grab their land, labor and resources.

      We on the left should not let a piss-ass little country like Libya divide us. Cynicism has served us well so far, and the land, labor and resources of Libya must be protected from the evil empire, even if it takes Colonel Gaddafi to do it.

    • Good points Richard. And what about Bush orchestrating the demolition of the World Trade Center, not to mention, Obama wasn't born in the USA.

      Keep up the intelligent and thoughtful push-back.

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