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John Whitted

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  • How the NRA is harming American Security: Mass Shootings as Serial Terrorism
    • Hi Zandra,

      I don't believe these crimes are 'impulsive' in the least. The perpetrators have planned where, when and how as any predator might.

      I notice U deny they are animals, yet admonish society for their lack of disapproval.

      Finally, Zandra U are no criminal, I commend U. I however have some understanding of a criminal mindset and can confirm that U can make all the gun laws U like, carrying a death sentence and the animals perpetrating these crimes will NOT be swayed.

      The statistics might compel a thinking person that more gun laws might help. Europe culture is very similar to ours and tighter gun laws prevail, but statistics alone can be deceiving. Ice cream sales collates very tightly to murder, but nobody would spend much time and resource pursuing this notion. However, statistics and a closer look and better understanding of the rationale and mental component behind these crimes might better explain why and how this happening.

      Seriously, why do we see an order of magnitude higher killings in America vs UK?

      Assumption: exclusive of GUN Laws

    • This is a matter of Heart. Everybody feels terrible and the NRA is a big, nasty special interest group that undoubtedly bribes our Congress. However, the animals capable of this carnage will acquire the 'tools' necessary to accomplish their deeds. Moreover, if we did ban assault weapons, there are so many of them existing in the black market (once a weapon is stolen it cannot be registered or sold on an open market) that the few individuals capable of this carnage will have no trouble finding the weapons needed. They're committing multiple felonies they have absolutely no concern for the laws. Laws are for the law abiding, criminals are not daunted in the least, to them a law is 'words in a book'. Buying stolen weapons is as easy as buying a meal for them.

      This is a matter of the Heart, we cannot legislate a Heart's conditioning. I do not agree that Prayer is as useless as the author. I do understand why he may be concerned about the impotence of prayer, This Heartlessness is a matter of core beliefs and as such is developed by an individual throughout their lifetime manifesting in a watchtower on a college campus, maybe. If you have a better way to address this issue - the World is Waiting

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