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  • Why the White Working Class Rebelled: Neoliberalism is Killing Them (Literally)
    • The German people and its government understand that economic patriotism is not an ideology but a pragmatic advantage that benefits its citizens and the world economy, and without harming any side of the equation. American outsourcing - NONE OF WHICH WAS AUTOMATION RELATED - wa simply revenge on American labor for wanting and succeeding in getting livable lives PLUS greedy businessmen renewing the exploitation of vulnerable populations for profit no matter the human cost everywhere.

    • I think a bigger mistake is to pretend that those voters were NOT racist, fascistic, and misogynistic. We need votes, but there is a base of voters larger than the misfits that can be activated without cynicism or deceit. Focus on the good eggs.

    • You ignore Obama's accomplishments on the labor front, which you can easily look into yourself if you actually care to know them instead of just generally complaining to no good cause (A good cause would require you knowing what you're talking about).

    • Huey Long was not a racist xenophobe and Robert LaFollette was not a rageful emotionally infantile fascistic authoritarian. You're seeing only what you want to see, and you ignore the issues that hold all you righties together: You assume the mantle of patriotism and love of country and godliness to yourselves, yet you are the largest clearcut hypocrites and consumers of obvious bullshit in the entire world to justify what you rage against most, the provable fact that you are truly a bunch of selfish racists and warmongers.

    • There are illegals among all the races, Dott. Thanks for asking. I'm sure it's an honest probing question and not a finger-pointing racist and snide remark. And for some reason, you don't confront Gary's excellent point. Why? I'll tell you. Because all you have is racism.

    • Karl, you make some good points. But you've fallen for the extreme propaganda regarding their foundation. It's the real deal. And the propaganda about it regarding any pay for play is utter B.S. Wondering what other crap you've swallowed. But I do agree wholeheartedly that a more exemplary example of modesty and humility would've helped her candidacy. But, tell me, Karl, are you exceedingly angered by Trump's modesty and humility as well? And how his charity is a total fraud and only self-aggrandizing?

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