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  • Kerry signals US Intervention in Syria, but to What End?
    • A revenge strike on Israel and the entrance of Iranian forces is of course what Netanyahu's hoping for. Is it possible that Assad used CW to let us know he's got it and can give it to Al Quaeda?

  • Is the US Government the Managing Committee of the Pirate Banks?
    • Only quibble with this excellent statement is that I think Marx did recognize the 19th century's version of cheap consumer electronics and televised celebrity gossip in his remark about religion's being the o. of the p. They just didn't have the electronics nor the technology for the level of gossip the 21st c.,can indulge in. It's all just bread and circuses, which have worked well since the beginning of time, whatever their specific manifestations over the millenia.

  • Top Ten Things Anthony "Carlos Danger" Weiner has said that are worse than Sexting
    • Actually I think he may be evil incarnate. And he hasn't worked very hard on behalf of the working and suffering people of Palestine. Cutting people breaks is what keeps venal toadies in Congress.

    • Excellent and true. It's microscopic at this point.

    • And I assume we know where he stands on our fighting Israel's trumped up conflict with Iran for them.

      Note that Helen Thomas is the only person who had to give up her public position b/c of her stance and her remarks about Israel and Palestine. A stellar decades-long career destroyed while this Bozo and his equally ambitious wife just keep on going. It doesn't matter how much of a depraved bigot you are if you've got the Lobby behind you.

  • Top Ten Ways the US Government will Smear, Slight Whistleblower Edward Snowden
    • Abandon's a loaded word - in English anyhow. He went to Hong Kong. She stayed in Hawaii. Could be a mutual parting. Could be she doesn't agree with his politics. Could be they weren't all that tight. How much do we know from sources that aren't out to denigrate him and actually know something?

    • an excellent question--and the first amendment as well which, as Chris Hedges says, is gone.

    • Also has already been stated in WaPo this morning (Tues. 11 June) that the "honorable thing" he should do to continue the honorable action of outing the secrets is to turn himself in. In what way would that be honorable? If that's so honorable why did we give asylum to the blind Chinese dissident, Solzhenitsyn, and all the others we've protected over the years from their own govts? Cold comfort to Bradley Manning when they give him the death penalty or put him away for life that he's doing the honorable thing. Should Assange leave the British embassy and let himself be extradited to Sweden and the US? Should the folks in Taksin Square and Tahrir Square and Tianamen Square just lie down and allow themselves to be arrested b/c it's more honorable to surrender to the oppressors so your voice can be silenced? I don't get it.

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