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  • Pot and Partying: Top Ten Signs the Tsarnaev Brothers Weren't Pious Muslims
    • Wow, that's amazing. Instead of making innocent Muslims pay the price for US hegemony, how about stopping the hegemony. It would also save US taxpayers a big pile of money, and a lot of Muslim people's lives. Next time Obama wipes out a wedding party with a drone strike, think about it.

    • Until we see or hear actual statements from the surviving brother, there is no concrete reason to even believe that their motive was religion. Only upon a psychological examination can we begin to understand what made a young pothead go along with his brother on such a deadly fool's errand.

      If this was such a religiously motivated mission, why were they so stupid from start to finish, showing their faces plainly in a place crawling with cameras and cell phones? Why didn't they get out of town afterwards, while they could do so easily?

      So many questions for anyone, including Juan Cole, to make suppositions over. Just mention the word "Islam," and all objectivity goes out the window.

      I have been a Muslim for many years. I know there is nothing in the religion that incites violence. You, on the other hand, are pontificating rather arrogantly about religious "nuances," which is simply simply bullshit.

    • Unless you are a Muslim, you should not be telling the world what you believe Muslims think. As a revert Muslim, I am telling you this. Back off of it, and don't try to analyze us.

    • Until we hear it directly from Dzhokhar Tszarnaev, we don't know the motive for this bombing. He will tell us. Until then, they are both just a couple of idiots who committed a terrible crime. I personally still have the strong feeling that Islam was actually incidental, and that the cause is psychological, much the same as the Columbine killers. On the night of the bombing I spent a long time reading Dzhokhar's Twitter, and believe me, he's about as Islamic as the pope.

    • As a Muslim, I will tell you that it's not uncommon for some Muslims to get all fussy when a non-Muslim is praised in the mosque. I've seen it many times. Some very fundamentalist types will walk out of a room where music is playing or a video is being shown, believing both are haram or forbidden. This does not make them terrorists.

      This was NOT a case of Islamic terror. Something very psychological is at play and is being crammed into an "Islamic terrorism" mold. Islam is merely incidental here.

  • Egypt: The People Still want the Fall of the Regime
    • I live in Cairo, and I can tell you that chalking up Egypt's troubles to religious differences is to fail to recognize the many different groups who are both religious and secular and are wanting the same things: a good economy, jobs, improved social programs, upward mobility and repairs to the seriously delapidated infrastructure.

      Morsi barely won the presidency, and it was not because people here are terribly religious. He won because people were terrified of having Shafik win. A vote for Morsi was a vote for his promises of moderation, his claimed willingness to create an Egypt that welcomed all Egyptians as equal participants, and a host of other lovely things that since seem to be nothing more than hot air.

      7 months later, and Morsi has not made even one gesture towards the people who elected him in good faith. The main thrust of his presidency so far seems to have been in seeking revenge or slights against the Brotherhood or himself. And he has given himself more power than Mubarak had had in all the years of his dictatorship.

      All in all, I would say the Egyptian people have a right to complain.

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