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  • Steve Jobs: Arab-American, Buddhist, Psychedelic Drug User, and Capitalist World-Changer
    • Also keep in mind that through out the last bit of his career he was battling cancer. Who here or anywhere can battle cancer full-time and then build the world richest company (~$75 billion in cash in the bank is more than most companies can ever say they have.)

      Just a thought.

    • His black long-sleeved mock turtleneck made by St. Croix cost almost $200 (and I read somewhere of a likely higher price of $600). Also this is often a trait of people like him who don't want to spend their energy on things that dont matter much to them. He never spent a second thinking uhm what should i wear today. I think Einstein was the same about his hair he just never gave it a second thought. You will also notice that it happens later in life as these geniuses start focusing in more in exactly who they are and what they do.

      He wore what he felt he looked good/comfortable/whatever in, it's no reflection of his capitalist mind.

    • Some seem to not get the point here. Sure many components had existed before Watt did what he did and he would not have been able to do what he did had they not. This doesn't mean that he didn't spark the revolution. Without him those things would probably stayed limited or different in a lesser form.

      Thus the same with Jobs most of what he had done was already invented or at least in part however its the delivery of the combined that made the difference.

      Don't discredit someone for seeing a whole in the parts and making something far far greater than the parts separate.

      Goodyear didn't invent the wheel nor did Henry Ford invent the car. The genius was not from the object or concept but the betterment of it. I feel it takes more genius to make something better and seeing the connections no-one else sees and if you make it simpler than the original then thats even more genius.

      Jobs was good at knowing what to include and exclude in a product where competitors through it all in and thus made a less focused more clumsy system. Where is the Zune, where is the Creative Technology jam. I remember the Creative Technology MP3 player but it was ugly, it was clunky and frankly gen-1 of the iPod was light years ahead of it.

      So Jobs was a genius, a genius for seeing products and uses for things no-one else did or dared to realize and he did it in the simplest form and he made a business that was worth more and did more for the world than any of the financial institutions could. He was a true inventor, genius and yes capitalist (cost me damn $3000 to have this mac to write this mail!!). So give the man credit for that.

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