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  • Fundamentalist Rally Bombed in Pakistan, Kills two Dozen
    • Jamaat,

      How does it feel to be a victim of a suicide bombing? Since it was a group that you have shielded and gave moral support to, I guess it must have felt good...Of course now Jamaat blames the government for not providing security, but who's fault is it that there's no security. Did the government do the bombing? Oh, even better, it must have been a Jew. Yeah, that's it. It must have been a Zionist that did it, because it sure could not have been the Pak-Taliban or any of their allies, they don't exist remember.

  • Why Economic Sanctions on Iran will Fail
    • I was just suggesting it. Either way it's damned if you do and damned if you don't. If you do attack Iran, thousands of people may die. If we don't, millions may die. I'm not saying we should, but I'm playing devil's advocate.

    • How about Spengler suggesting a strike now rather then later. Could we be wrong on betting Iran won't pursue nuclear weapons and then won't use them? Do we want to take that gamble? Their rhetoric is cause for concern.

  • Gates Worries about Iranian Nuclear Research, while Khamenei blasts US for Hiroshima
    • Cole,

      You read my mind. I've been saying this for months now. Iran won't use nuclear weapons unless it really has to, because it views the use of such weapons as greatly immoral. This has been Iran's position ever since the 1980's and according to the 'supreme leader,' it still is. In my opinion, Iran may develop a couple of nukes, but only as a safeguard to Israel, the U.S. or Pakistan. The president is spending a lot of energy chasing something he'll never attain. He won't stop Iran if it really wants nukes and if he were as smart as we thought he was, he would already be in the process of developing a strategy for engaging Iran after it does so.

  • 170 Killed in Afghanistan as Gates, Cheney, Palin Wrangle over Karzai
    • It's scary that anybody actually listens to 'Liz Cheney' and Sarah Palin. And that's coming from an American Conservative, but not an American Idiot.

    • Tell me where I am wrong to demand that all American forces and Nato forces, be pulled out of the region immediately? I understand the argument that if you brake it you bought it. You know why, because I was a vehement supporter of the Iraq war six years and espoused that same garbage. Now I'm older and wiser. I just don't see the benefit to continuing this endeavor especially in the manner in which it is being conducted' on the ground, diplomatically and in the American media, which covers for 'El Presidente.'

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