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MK Schmidt

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  • The Arab Reading of the Petraeus/Allen Affair: Jill Kelley is Gilberte Khawam, a Lebanese
    • But a gentleman orders drone strikes by the hundreds on unarmed civilians, and destitute countries? Drops DU on them and waterboards them with thumbs up and a smile? Real gentleman dont enter the military killing profession to begin with. Youre mistaking Hollywood for reality.

    • Unless done in the billions and with a title prefixed by CEO.

    • Petraeus fired for this, but Bush, Cheney and that crew walk free after the most serious crimes humans can commit via illegal war? Ok to serial murder, torture and pillage entire regions but dont s@@@ somone elses spouse? What twisted morality.

    • They function under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and yahoo, among others is able to sell all emails and their contents. Its in the fine print when you open account.

    • And rightly so. Here in the land of Apathy and gullibility, "everything just happens by random chance". Sure. You have a small-town nonentity who has never written a thing in her life scoring a book deal that Bob Woodward maynt have been able to garner. Someone whose top rating at W Point was in fitness- not any intellectual pursuits. Yet she's granted intimate access to tag him round the world. Very weird.

      Then consider who leaked this thing to the press, not who leaked it to the FBI. Notorious Israel-firster Eric Cantor. Who is the FBI guy that leaked it to Cantor? Employed by AIPAC? Very legit question. Another legit question is what was the stance of both Allen and Patraeus re: Iran /Syria attacks? Were they zionist-compliant? If not, I think you have your first major hit in cracking this case. Because the only real news as per extramarital affairs among the power-clad would be those who DONT have them.

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