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MK Ultra

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  • Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others
    • Poor Willard, he would confuse his right with his left, his mouth with his ass, his wife with one of 5 nannies. Why would it be surprising for a racist Moron like him to confuse Sikh with Sheik?

    • ” I also think you have to take into mind the ambition of the attacks of Islamic extremists (who target immense buildings, planes in the air, ships at sea, again and again), and their own sense that they are part of a larger, global, ongoing cause.”

      LOL! Compare that to a certain country that deploys its entire armed forces to invade entire countries, occupy them and blow them back to the Stone Age leaving as many as 1.5 MILLION dead bodies in their wake. Shall we even talk about the celebrations and the larger, global ongoing cause?

      Yet, THEY are the terrorists!

    • The fundamental difference can be easily described:

      We white Christun Amerikuns are not - I repeat - we are not, cannot, be terrorists. Only them brown A-rab Mooslems are terrorists.

      Got that?

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