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  • Egypt's "Revocouption" and the future of Democracy on the Nile
    • Morsi was never elected democratically.

      In a democracy, religion and state are separated because a religious state will discriminate against those who don't belong to that religion. Morsi came to power through a religious party and brought with him Islam that was then inserted into the constitution.

      Furthermore, in a democracy, it is the right of the electorate and the candidates to question or criticize the other party and its ideology.

      So is it possible to criticize or question Islam, the ideology of the MB, in Egypt? If the answer is no, which it is, then this was not a democratic election.

      The solution to this is to ban participation in politics by religious parties, clerics, or those who plan to set up a religious state.

  • The Revenge of the Leftovers in Egypt
    • So let us work with theocratic fascists to secure a secular free and open society - makes a lot of sense (TinC) - no irony there.

      Your "anti-imperialist" analysis puts a 1950s cold-war type dialectic ahead of history reality.

    • The question is not whether a counter revolution coup has happened. The question is why do the left and the socialists in Egypt continue to align with the most fascistic and regressive movement in existence in Egypt -- namely the Muslim Brotherhood and the Salafis? They do this with their eyes wide open. The left knows that once the MB gains absolute power, which they will with their support, the first group to be eliminated and forever silenced will be the pro-democracy liberals followed by the left.

      In Turkey, it was no other than the military that ushered in democracy. And now that the military has been put in a box, the Islamists and the Islamics in Turkey are gaining the upper hand and freedoms are under threat.

      The Egyptian military has time and again been asking for a secular and democratic constitution (with some privileges for itself). The left instead of continuing the secular, enlightened and liberal tradition of their heritage are happily getting into bed with the worst of Egypt -- oblivious to the historic debacle they perpetrate.

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