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  • Top 10 Green Energy Good News Stories Today
    • "since natural gas will likely stay inexpensive and EPA limits on carbon dioxide emissions are harder and harder for coal plants to meet."

      --- I am not sure that is a good prediction for natural gas prices. The way natural gas is priced is based on predicted demand and available underground storage facilities [since gas travels much slower in pipelines than electrons on transmission lines, we get gas from storage facilities]. With an increase in demand (from a decrease in coal-power) comes the need for new storage facilities, which will drive up the cost of natural gas.

      Don't forget, there is NO FREE LUNCH. Natural gas is not as "natural" as it sounds.

  • Ashton Kutcher ad in Indian 'Brownface' Pulled for Racism
  • A Hot Wet Thousand Years and 10 Green Energy Stories to Avert it
    • 1. Solar has major issues with intermiittency due to clouds. Also, requires a large area for modest generation.

      2. Great idea with molten salt as energy storage device, but expensive and lossy.

      3. Great idea all around, but 500 MW is not that much. Better use of solar lies in distributed schemes whereby house-owner put up solar panels and use energy (intermittent, remember) to store power in local storage device, such as a battery.

      4. Interesting!

      5. Interesting! Nuclear power is probably the best source of carbonless energy, but if not built properly and maintained represents a real risk to population centers nearby.

      6. Wind is intermittent and Texas power is for own state with little to no shared access with other states. Tripling wind power will do little, but bring instability to their network.

      7. Good ideas and good news. Let's hope India can do this. (don't forget intermittency).

      8. Meh.

      9. Meh.

      10. True that.

      Investments in green energy generation is needed, but also in reduction of use. This is accomplished with either (a) Carbon Tax (to penalize carbon emissions and dirty power, rather than wasting tax-payer money on green energy subsidies) or (b) price hikes for electricity to provide consumers with a reason to curb waste practices.

      Just my 2 cents.

  • Likud Government takes Revenge on Palestinians for UNESCO Membership
    • Don't think China will be much better than USA.

      There needs to be a power sharing of sorts, not a single Global power. BRICS is possible or BRIS vs. China vs. USA

    • Denmark just had election and for first time in a decade, progressive won on the promise of tax increases. Proud that DK votes in favor!

    • Before Palestine joins another UN organization, Palestine will be mired in war. Mark my words. The US will not allow tiny Palestine to belittle it at the UN again and Israel cannot handle leveling of the diplomatic playing field. Hence, war is the Great Delay needed to avoid US expulsion from pro-business organizations such as WIPO.

      Mark my words.

      BRICS will soon call the shots and hopefully for the betterment of world peace.

  • Why a No-Fly Zone won't Work in Syria
    • Providing rebels with anti-tank guns and other weaponry would even the current struggle against Assad's merciless forces. Furthermore, this is within the limits of Turkey, China, EU, and Arab League.

      People have been protesting constantly in Homs and Hama for over 3 months now and they are shot and killed every time. That is a an amazing people risking their life for hope of freedom.

      Re: Israel. Assad has been very weak against Israel and does not provide Israel with any political problems on any issues, even Golan Heights. Israel surely would fear a democratic Syria.

  • Helman: The Palestinians Seek UN Recognition
    • "...the PA should acknowledge the necessity of a two-state solution that can be achieved only with Israel’s willing participation and its own willingness to proceed on the basis of the President’s proposal..."

      Good luck getting Israel to participate in anything but expanded settlements, appropriation of water away from Palestinians, collective military punishment on a civilian population, an utter disregard for international law, and a continuation of the Apartheid State.

      Israel needs to be pushed into peace-talks, because they have all the bargaining chips and the UN move *might* be the best (short-term) way to push Israel back to table as the US is completely incapable of directing it lap-dog (ask Biden).

  • Top Ten Myths about the Libya War
    • Oil does not state intentions, just like Iraq had WMDs. Oil (and resources) is the only reason to be interested in Libyan desert lands.

      Obama did not toss aside any ally in this Spring. He clung onto Mubarak until the point of no return and chose to side with those in power (rebels, in this case). He is still siding with Bahrain's and Yemen's dictators and Saudi King who all brutalized their own rebels --- these guys all give the US what they want. Same with Syria, where Assad has been worse than Qaddhafi, yet he just receives verbal warnings --- because he might be a troll to Syrians but he is a dove to Israel and Iraq (unlike Iranians).

      In short, when there is no pattern of freeing people from misery (even under the same conditions), you should probably ask why. And the reason is dirty and sticky and starts with "O" and ends with "il."

    • Looks like auto-linking also removed part of my paragraph:

      The Al-Queda claims are vacuous and neither Gaddhafi nor the "unpeople” care for those lowlifes.

      “This was a war for Libya’s oil. That is daft”
      - Surely this was a freudian slip. To claim that Libya’s resources were not a factor is evidence that your optimism has overtaken you rationality. Libya has the_largest_proven oil reserves in Africa. Libya is Europe’s_single_largest_oil and the second largest oil producer in Africa and the continent’s fourth largest gas supplier [see Libya Oil Link].

    • Looks like I messed up the links:

      Oil in Libya: link to

      USAF Link on heavy involvement in Libya: link to

    • Dear Juan,

      I have been reading your posts over the last couple of years with much admiration [especially your level-headed approach to Israel-Palestine issue]. On Libya, I have previously found your optimism refreshing; however, today your optimism seems to have clouded your beliefs on Libya and NATO. Please find the following comments on your "Myths" written with the greatest respect to your abilities and intent. If they come off as disrespectful, it is just my disillusion that you could write such government propaganda on your site (nonetheless, I will not run away from here).

      "The US has an interest in there not being massacres of people for merely exercising their right to free assembly. The US has an interest in a lawful world order, and therefore in the United Nations Security Council resolution demanding that Libyans be protected from their murderous government."
      --- Since when does the US spend political resources for the sake of "people." To American (and EU) policy makers Libyan civilians have and always will be "unpeople" (term borrowed from Chomsky). Why else was Gaddhafi allowed to stay in power for so long, _unless_ he provided something in return to the ruling nations (US+EU). That can only be two things: vacation organize or gas/oil exports. I am sure you know which one I find most likely to keep him in power for so long. He stayed in power so long because he provided the "West" with a stable source of energy.

      "It is obvious that the French and the British led the charge on this intervention, likely because they believed that a protracted struggle over years between the opposition and Qaddafi in Libya would radicalize it and give an opening to al-Qaeda and so pose various threats to Europe."
      --- Not sure how you can say this with a straight face. Sure, the Brits and French and even Danes (who 'proudly' killed on of Gaddhafi's sons) were involved in the war. But from the beginning, the US dominated airstrikes in Libya and continued so until July at least [according to USAF: link to The Al-Queda claims are vacuous and neither Gaddhafi nor the "unpeople" care for those low-lifes.

      "This was a war for Libya’s oil. That is daft."
      --- Surely this was a freudian slip. To claim that Libya's resources were not a factor is evidence that your optimism has overtaken you. Libya has the_largest_proven oil reserves in Africa with 42 billion barrels of oil and over 1.3 trillion cubic metres of gas. Libya is Europe’s_single_largest_oil supplier, the second largest oil producer in Africa and the continent’s fourth largest gas supplier [see link to

      I just cannot see past the "war for oil/gas"... maybe it's because I have read too much Chomsky and not enough Juan Cole :) Or maybe because the patterns of US+EU supporting/placing dictators around the globe and completely disregarding the lives of the "unpeople"

      Best Regards

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