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  • Romney Jumps the Shark: Libya, Egypt and the Butterfly Effect
    • Thank you! It's great that some people can still keep a clear mind in the middle of all this. As a muslim, I'm extremely saddened by how some poeple are sabotaging the religion they claim. It is illogical to equate behavior of people to their religion, but most people are guilty of stereotyping and unfortunately, the bad guys are usually the ones that make the most noise. And there have been political reasons for advertising this perception. So I can't really blame the simple guy,who knows very little about the rest of the world, for making this association.

    • Right on! A sad truth.

    • That is very true. The likes of fox tv are abundant :) I first heard about it on an Egyptian show. It made it seem like mega-production planned to be showed on 9/11. When I saw parts of it online, I realized that it's just a cheap video, not worthy of this propaganda. It is very irresponsible from the media knowing that these kinds of issues stir the anger of people who probably don't know what a web brower is. They also don't understand that US law can't do anything about it, unlike routine censorship that happens in their country.
      Having that said, the content itself is not really "exaggerated", although its value is. It is extremely offensive in terms of content but it's done in such a naive and silly way that anyone would realize that it's obviously a production of pure hate with no real research, history or even good fiction writing behind it. It's really not even worth being offended by.

    • Have you read the Koran? The Koran does not promote violence against non-believers. These terrorists too are people who claim Islam and do not live it. Don't get your information from Islam-haters or Muslim-extremists and take it for granted. Since its not very practical for every person to read the Koran, I'll just point you to an objective short article, not written by Muslims: link to
      Do you really think that over 1 billion people would believe in a religion that is violent?

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