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Professor Akbar Montaser

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  • This Apartheid Week, Read the Report Israel Doesn't Want you To See
    • This and related materials are one the most profound article that I have read on Israel racism. The Lecture by Professor Falk was elegant, enlightening, and exceptional.

      The noblest way Israeli racism can be revealed and confronted is the tongue of the people of Jewish fate. Unless this is applied soon, Israel will be shattered by Israeli leaders. The people of Moses must read two documents to realize they are in slumber.

      Several steps must be taken by Jews to reduce animosities against Jews and a future Israel. First, ask American legislators stop accepting bribes or campaign contributions and free vacation to Israel. Second, accept the AIPAC is a tool of Israel in cajoling Congress.

      To realize this truth please scan the prized book by Grant Smith and the 1963 Hearings held by Senator James William Rockefeller as the Chair of Senate Foreign Relation.

      Pressure Groups & Spying
      Where Did AIPAC Come From?
      Grant F. Smith
      October 9, 2007
      link to

      Foreign Agents: The American Israel Public Affairs Committee from
      the 1963 Fulbright Hearings to the 2005 Espionage Scandal
      link to

      According to Mr. Smith, Arkansan Senator Fulbright held the “1963 Senate Foreign Relations Committee” hearings on foreign proxies in a series of closed sessions. The May 23 and August 1 meetings were dedicated totally on Israel-related functions…….Fulbright established a direct line of funding flowing from a key government official and an Israeli-government-founded, quasi-governmental entity – the Jewish Agency in Israel – to AIPAC's precursor within several minutes. ……Fulbright …….did not see "precedent of anything like it in any other instance…”. Decades after Fulbright's investigation, the Jewish Agency and its U.S. partners would be found by Israeli prosecutor Talia Sason to have engaged in laundering $50 billion toward numerous illegal overseas activities.” This spy agency of Israel must be denounced and its officials and main leaders and sponsors must be put on trial for treason against the United States.
      A third point of major contention is the number of Jews in hall of powers in this country. Currently, Jews constitute 2% of the population. Yet, their representation in Senate is six times higher (12 Senators vs 2). In the House, 22 Representatives out of 435 are Jewish. This means other religions and races are not well represented. The Congress and Senate must have similar numbers males and female legislators.
      Congress, Senate, and Jewish allies have been responsible for initiating legislations to support Israel brutalities. For these barbarities, Israel has lost no man! Our heroic citizens died and received lifetime injuries for Israel for 12 years! The victims here and in other countries would be miserable for a generation for the sole benefit of Israel. Our tax dollars, not in billion, but six trillion will be used to sustain our veterans for at least one generation. Americans are exhausted by repeated wars for Israel. You are not in the midst of the Americans to appreciate the level of disgust by families. Racist Israelis are the roots of our difficulties, setbacks, and crises. The reason is Israeli occupiers intentionally do not intend to come to peace with homeless Palestinians for 65 years.

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