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  • Israel at 65: Welcome to the Neighborhood (Map)
    • Measurement and comparison is the most effective way to measure anything.

      Zionism, like any other political ideology is imperfect, no different than capitalism or socialism or any other political ideology.

      No one questions the tragedy of the Israeli occupation but when compared to the brutality in Syria and others nations in the region Israel has proved to be remarkably restrained. The numbers bear that out.

      Your remarks re the issue of the 'Jewish identity' of Israel is indeed more vexing. How can a nation state maintain a real democracy while at the same time be free and balanced for all? While here are no perfect answers or solutions, we can draw inferences from the European experience. Many nations have large ethnic populations as a result of wars and shifting. POland guards her POlish identity as does Russia and Germany and so on. These nations make great efforts to maintain their national identity.

      Now, as to the Israel is racist charge I would say in comparison to her neighborhood and environment, the charge proves to be spurious. In fact many polls indicate a large number of Palestinians would seek Israeli residency permits that would allow them to live in Israel as opposed to living in an Palestinian state. "Better the Hell of Israel than the Paradise of Arafat" as the saying goes.

      What surprises me most is how rarely the best, most effective and damning criticism of Israel is never mentioned. Even academic who are familiar with the region, such as Professor Cole rarely bring up (if ever!)

      The inequality of the treaties signed between Israel and the Palestinians is outrageous. The occupied population could stay indoors for two years and the Israelis would find a way to claim the agreement and treaty was being violated. Israel is guilty of creating a situation on the ground which for the Palestinians is unwinnable. Of course, Israel doesn't operate in a vacuum- dysfunctional Palestinian leadership is only too happy to maintain the status quo for a myriad of reasons all of which benefit Isre and hurt the Palestinians. Israeli politics in effect has empowered the dysfunction and supplied the oxygen which keep the fired burning.

      Israel is a schizophrenic nation in many ways. She is a first world nation with a vibrant democracy- that is the reality. That said, she is also a nation with a Middle Age siege mentality- deals and treaties within deals within treaties, etc, etc.

      When these issue- the real issues- are addressed Israel will rightfully be called to task. It is a pity no one sees fit to deal with these realities.

      Finally, there has to be transparency- the overall objective of a peace deal has to be clear. Is the primary consideration the well being of the Palestinians or it is the demonization and delegitimization of Israel? No one will get 100% of what they want. Is that truth sufficient to glue a deal together?

    • For a more accurate description of Zionism, see the article at the link provided. Although imperfect the author does hit the nail on the head.

      The SC&A Idiots Guide to Zionism: What It is And Why It Matters

      link to

  • Top Ten Ways Margaret Thatcher's Policies Made our World more Unequal
    • Michael Ho

      I am originally from the UK- and so is niall Ferguson. Geography is not essential in determining insight and/or credibility.

    • I suggest Niall Ferguson's analysis of Thatcher's tenure as Prime Minister is somewhat more substantive than that posited by Prof Cole.

      Margaret Thatcher: Right about nearly everything
      link to

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