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  • Top Ten Catholic Teachings Santorum Rejects while Obsessing about Birth Control
    • Clearly you are not *getting* the fact that the issue in question involves institutions OWNED and OPERATED by the Catholic Church. The government has no right the healthcare, schooling, and charity services provided by the Church, yet the liberal mindset is that they do.

    • "Giving all your money to the poor" was the highest order of personal sacrifice that Christ prescribed to the rich young man as a way for him to save himself. It has never been in a universal context.

    • The Church isn't imposing anything on the United States. What the Church wants is to be free to adhere to the standards of the Faith in regards to the schools, hospitals, and institutions that the Catholic Church OWNS AND FUNDS. This is for Catholic institutions, and the government should not be allowed to force them into any such requirement.

    • Yes Catholicism is a religion. In fact Catholicism IS Christianity in that Protestantism only started in the 1500s.

      The Word "Catholic" means "Universal", which is to say, a Catholic is a "universal Christian."

    • Almost none of these are actual Catholic teachings. Does the poster know anything about Catholics or Catholicism? Or is he just a very misinformed Catholic?

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