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  • Wael Ghonim vs. Barack Obama: Change we Can Believe in, Yes we Can
    • I heard Obama speak and read some of his speechs and he impressed me. When the last giant Bush crony capitalists turd was laid @ his feet just before the election -a potential world depression- i thought we'll there's no denying the false reality of modern conservatives, reality has landed and now the right things can be done.

      But as i listened to friends, i realized they were profoundedly uninformed on the harsh realities of the last 8 years. Unlike the Right, who are profoundly misinformed but highly motivated by fear, anger, and self righteousness, the left has vague notions about health care, wikileaks, wasteful war spending, corporate subsidies, etc. but no motivation to do something besides vote every 4 years. As long as the next phone, tv, ipad is cool and they can buy it on credit, they don't really care. We are China now...

      I'm out of here. Where i'm going no one pretends their government is not captured by the global elite, but the sunsets are beautiful and no one cares what you do really.

      American Democracy: 1966-1969, with brief flutters since.

  • Cole in Tomdispatch: Asia Rising, American Hessians
    • well said. Sad, true but well said.

    • Are we Rome?

      Or are we Russia, where oligarchial capitalism has created a small middle class, unaffordable cities, rampant materialism and an inability to face its past failures?

      or are we China, where Communist capitalism has created a jingoistic nationalism, unaffordable cities, rampant materialism and dangerous financial bubbles?

      We are many things...too many of them wrecklessly dangerous.

      or am i just a nattering nabob of negativity?

  • Suzuki: Our Global Economy is not Sustainable
    • river charbonneau 10/27/2010 at 10:49 pm

      Thinking about the first wave of industrial resource exploitation in the 18th century, which lead to Das Kapital, i wonder what horrendous movements will arise out of the ecological collapses. Failed states, religious fervors, resource wars, and such, but what of ideological movements, religious or otherwise, the seeds of which may be being written in some cafe in Manaus, Brazil or Mogodishu, Somalia as we speak?

  • Big Oil's Predations are not Your Fault

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