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Scott Eaton

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  • How to Avoid Bush's Iraq Mistakes in Libya
    • On the first week after the overthrow of Saddam, and after the dismantling of the army and the police, looting in Iraq was rampant. Donald Rumsfeld said at the time, "We are not here to police the country." After that statement I knew all was lost.

      The best way to avoid the Bush mistakes made in Iraq is to keep that entire cold-blooded and criminal administration as far away from decision making as possible. Fortunately, that mistake has not been repeated in Libya.

  • TV, Twitter, Facebook and the Libyan Revolution
    • I agree that the internet did not play much of a role with the average Libyan. Where the internet was invaluable, and I will argue critical, was on the world stage.

      Without Twitter, Facebook, and the internet in general, the world would not have come to Libya’s aid. Without the stories and pictures that flooded out of Libya, we would have been left with rumors only, and no hard facts. The UN would not have been moved by rumors. They barely moved in time as it was, even with undeniable horrors staring them in the face.

  • Top Ten Myths about the Libya War
    • Juan,
      I just came across your post and apparently we might agree on the same things. I started a new website back in May, so few people know of my work. Unfortunately I’m still in the “learning web design” stage. Anyway I look forward to reading more of your material.

      It’s also refreshing to read the comments I find here. Not a single chest thumping, USA chanting, We’re the greatest. I feel like I’ve just found my way home. 

      If your interested in checking my work, click on over. Today I will be celebrating the downfall of 1 more dictator. Tomorrow, it’s back to work I promise.

      Scott Eaton

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