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Sean Huze

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  • Should Memorial Day include Commemoration of Thoreau?
    • Trouble with whom? Look, I was admittedly "hook, line, and sinker" over the stated mission/rationale (bad guy with WMDs/kill bad guy and destroy and/or confiscate WMD material). I'll never forget in late Jan. 2004 the cover of TIME Magazine with David Kay and his quote "We were all wrong." I felt sick... physically ill. I then spoke out as much as I could (almost too much . . . ) All that said, I still don't know that it is an "illegal" war. Saddam was in clear violation of sanctions and inspections. We found out afterwards it was because he wanted to keep alive the perception that he had WMD so he could keep his people and Iran in check. So, while in hindsight it's obvious it was a stupid decision (possibly the worst of modern era), I don't see it meeting the threshold of "illegal." Also, in your efforts to criminalize W & Co., let's make sure not to paint a rosy picture of Saddam's regime. This wasn't exactly Nelson Mandela we pulled out of that rat hole, man.

    • Sherm,

      I think you should write your Senators and Congressperson and get on that. Again, it's a day for those who served this nation in uniform and ultimately gave their lives for this country. It is audacious for ANYONE in this country to think that devoting one measly day a year is somehow to much to honor them and their sacrifice. If the majority of this nation felt that way it would indicate that the best amongst us fell in battle leaving behind pompous, pseudo-intellectual, oh-so-jaded brats who certainly weren't worth sacrificing anything for much less their lives. Look at them and tell me how you or Dr. Cole or anyone else has the moral high ground over these young men whom I served with (partial list):
      link to
      Please enlighten me with your keen insight and what must be a vastly superior intellect. When you're done with that you should go tell their wives, children, parents, brothers, sisters, extended family and friends how this nation devoting one day is too much. Hell, it's just another day off to most of the citizenry so what the hell does it matter why as long as folks can suck down hot dogs and guzzle beer like the gluttons most are.


    • Bill H., thank you sir.

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