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  • Why the White Working Class Rebelled: Neoliberalism is Killing Them (Literally)
    • Automation is the clear "winner."

      Many of the "low wage" workers outside the USA are now being replaced by automation.

      And yes, once vehicles are fully automated, millions more will be unemployable.

    • Wait for the next generation car wash systems.

      Also, how much do the people in the hand car wash shops actually make? I suspect that you will find that most are getting starvation wages, which completely negates your argument.

      Over time, technology drives humans out of the production picture for everything except very small run custom built products purchased by the rich.

      If you can't see that, they you are not looking very closely.

    • As to your question . . .

      "Besides, not everyone can do college level work..What happens to those people?"

      Unfortunately they are unemployable and we need to provide them with social services. In other words we need to do massive wealth redistribution.

      You are correct that we have far too many humans and too few jobs and that situation is only going to get worse as the cost of technology continues to approach zero and the capability of technology approaches and in some cases exceeds human capability.

      There is no going back. We have outsmarted ourselves and created a world of abundance that needs lots of consumers but very few producers.

      Your question illustrates the delusion of training everyone because in reality we just do not need that many humans to produce all the goods, services and food the 7.5 billion humans on earth need and want.

      That being said, there actually are many jobs in the USA that are unfilled because few humans have chosen to develop the skills necessary and/or the people with skills have no desire to fill the job.

      For example, many tribal casinos need good IT people, but few people are willing to live near where the casinos are (often remote). Even native Americans with the skills usually prefer to live where they can earn more.

      I was told the other day that there are skilled manufacturing jobs open in Wisconsin , but no one with the skills wants to live in the remote small towns and none of the people in the area are willing or able to develop the skills.

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